The Vanities of Peter Nygard

Peter Nygard the famous fashion designer,  lives full time in the Bahamas in the millionaire enclave known as Lyford Cay.  Others call it Lifeless Cay.  This is a publicity photo of him released in 2016.

Nygard holds Bacchanalian parties rife with women, music, models and various mind-altering substances, some legal at his place.  He has been dredging without permission to increase his water frontage.  A groupd called Save The Bays went to court to get an injunction.  The injunction was disobeyed, and Nygard was recently fined $50,000  in the Bahamian courts.

Here is the thing that blows me away. Take a look at his publicity picture above.  Then take a look at the snapshot below of him entering the court.

Oh the vanities.  In an effort to preserve his youthfulness, he has been experimenting with stem cell injections and various other "therapies" to enable him to fight aging.  It is a battle that he won't win.  The Iceman cometh for all.

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