Homemade Food Dehydrator

I was going on a 220 kilometer wilderness canoe trip, and I need a week's worth of dehydrated food.  On previous trips, I dehydrated everything from fruit to meat to spaghetti sauce.  (To dehydrate the spaghetti sauce, I built a little tin foil tray for the sauce and popped it in the dehydrator.)  I didn't feel like going out to buy a dehydrator, so I made one from a sturdy cardboard box.

I covered the box in tin foil and sealed it with duct tape.  It was a box made for shipping a computer projector, so it was made of really heavy cardboard.  I had some lengths of quarter-round wooden moulding hanging around and plastic mesh.  I put the trays together with zip ties holding the mesh on.  The heat source is a 100 Watt old-style incandescent bulb and I have a usb fan that I bought at the dollar store.  It works like a charm.  I have made jerky, dried fruit and dried herbs and vegetables.

Since it is apple season, I am making dried apples sprinkled with cinnamon.  The thing works like a charm.

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