How To Be A Designer Like Steve Jobs

This book is probably the first book ever e-published to be read on a digital screen.  Using the latest in scientific research, the book is specially constructed to make reading it on a mobile device, tablet, phone or computer, easier to understand, easier to follow, and with 40% more retention.  But enough about the book.

This book gives you a framework of how to become a transformative digital designer like Steve Jobs.  It is the Steve Jobs recipe that involves excellence in the person as well as excellence in design.  For excellence in the designer person, it follows the Ten Living Principles of Eastern thought, applicable to the designer's life and his or her work.  It reveals the three major components that are now required in this day and age, to make an design a success.  It shows how to infuse your designs with the one element that everyone is looking for.  It also provides a cognitive tool box to allow anyone to design things that change the way that people interact with technology and themselves.

But even more than all of the above, this book is a call to action.  It is time to hallmark the digital world with personal excellence in execution of design. If there is one thing that the world needs more of, is transformative digital designers.  It could be you!

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