Toothless Tiger! Tiger Woods Gets Tooth Knocked Out ~ Hair & Teeth Transplants

We all know that Tiger Woods has a bad back, worn out from power swings. His knees also can be a little shaky, especially when being chased in his SUV by a mad ex-wife after she found him skanking around.  It seems that his body parts need replacing.

He has already lost his hair, and as you can see in the pic below, his hair transplants are coming along.

The latest is that he will need a tooth transplant.  His erstwhile girlfriend is skier Lindsay Vonn, and he went out to watch her ski.  There was a scuffle and Tiger was hit with a TV camera knocking out his tooth.  Check out the gap in radiator below:

However, the tooth was already discolored because he took a driver to the mouth after his ex-wife found about his dalliances, so the tooth, like his marriage was essentially dead at that moment.  It took a TV camera to deliver the coup de grace to the tooth.

Given his recent golf performances, it is indeed fitting to call him a Toothless Tiger.

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