More Haitian Fleeing Their Homeland To The Bahamas

The human rights record of the Bahamas is not very good.  This is how illegal Haitian immigrants escaping the grinding poverty and horrible conditions in Haiti are treated once they land in the Bahamas.  What does the average Bahamian have to say about this?  Fred Smith is a Bahamian lawyer advocating for them. Here are some sample comments from the newspaper when this pic was printed:

  • Ahhh they are used to worst conditions Mr. Smith...I'm sure you see and know the vessels they arrive in

  • all I see is a trailer load of parasites.

  • .............. Fred Smith The Haitian Advocate Jackass ....

  • A cage has 6 sides not 5 you dumb Haitian parasite! Your Haitian brethren are SITTING in a topless landscape type trailer for security and their own safety.

  • Wish YOU were with them Ashlock!

As you can see, the state of enlightenment and human values is quite low in the Bahamas among the natives.

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