Future Imperfect & Software Stream of Consciousness : How To Build Free Will Into Artificial Neural Networks Using Worms As A Model

Future Imperfect & Software Stream of Consciousness : How To Build Free Will Into Artificial Neural Network Using Worms As A Model: In March of 2015, there was a fascinating study published in Cell, conducted by Rockefeller University.  The study was a brain analysis o...

How To Be A Designer Like Steve Jobs

This book is probably the first book ever e-published to be read on a digital screen.  Using the latest in scientific research, the book is specially constructed to make reading it on a mobile device, tablet, phone or computer, easier to understand, easier to follow, and with 40% more retention.  But enough about the book.

This book gives you a framework of how to become a transformative digital designer like Steve Jobs.  It is the Steve Jobs recipe that involves excellence in the person as well as excellence in design.  For excellence in the designer person, it follows the Ten Living Principles of Eastern thought, applicable to the designer's life and his or her work.  It reveals the three major components that are now required in this day and age, to make an design a success.  It shows how to infuse your designs with the one element that everyone is looking for.  It also provides a cognitive tool box to allow anyone to design things that change the way that people interact with technology and themselves.

But even more than all of the above, this book is a call to action.  It is time to hallmark the digital world with personal excellence in execution of design. If there is one thing that the world needs more of, is transformative digital designers.  It could be you!

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If you are in Freeport, the Bahamas tommorrow

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I am a supporter of the Bahamas National Trust which preserves the natural beauty of the Bahamas. If you are in Freeport tomorrow, please stop by "Da Market" and load up on fresh vegetables, baked goods, crafts and preserves from local vendors. Thank you.

The dump in Nassau is on fire .... again !!!!!!!

Just like a bad "The Simpsons" joke, the dump in Nassau is on fire and burning again.  Me -- I think that the dump operators start the fires and blame arsonists to burn excess garbage. Just my 2 cents, or 5 cents as they say in the Bahamas.

Why religious nuts and extremists are the way they are!

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Ever wonder why religious followers behave the way they do? The graphic above explains it all!

Toothless Tiger! Tiger Woods Gets Tooth Knocked Out ~ Hair & Teeth Transplants

We all know that Tiger Woods has a bad back, worn out from power swings. His knees also can be a little shaky, especially when being chased in his SUV by a mad ex-wife after she found him skanking around.  It seems that his body parts need replacing.

He has already lost his hair, and as you can see in the pic below, his hair transplants are coming along.

The latest is that he will need a tooth transplant.  His erstwhile girlfriend is skier Lindsay Vonn, and he went out to watch her ski.  There was a scuffle and Tiger was hit with a TV camera knocking out his tooth.  Check out the gap in radiator below:

However, the tooth was already discolored because he took a driver to the mouth after his ex-wife found about his dalliances, so the tooth, like his marriage was essentially dead at that moment.  It took a TV camera to deliver the coup de grace to the tooth.

Given his recent golf performances, it is indeed fitting to call him a Toothless Tiger.

Cars That You Rarely See in North America Mitsubishi Diamante Espada

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This car belongs to a colleague of mine in the Bahamas. It is a Mitsubishi Diamante Espada, made solely for the Japanese market.  Japanese cars are imported into the Bahamas because they drive on the left hand side of the road in Japan, as they do in the Bahamas, and this car is a right hand drive -- the steering wheel and driver's side is on the right.

The Diamante Espada is a full-sized luxury car. It was also made for the Australian market called Magna instead of Espada. I drove this thing, and even though it was quite old, it still drove well. This car was made between the years 1997 and 2005.

Digital Marijuana Discovery

.Blog post on digital marijuana and how to turn off thinking with digital app.  Click Here. - this link may be the first instance of digital marijuana.

Bill and Hillary Clinton ~ The Early Days as Hippies

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A read sent me this pic of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the early days.  Man they sure looked like hippies, in the hippy era that they lived in.  Bill had the long hair and beard.  He looks bookish with the stack of books in his hand, nothing like the Bubba image that he portrayed with his saxophone and love of McDonald's cheeseburgers.

One would never bet looking at this picture, that you were seeing a future president of the United States and a highly successful one at that.

More Haitian Fleeing Their Homeland To The Bahamas

The human rights record of the Bahamas is not very good.  This is how illegal Haitian immigrants escaping the grinding poverty and horrible conditions in Haiti are treated once they land in the Bahamas.  What does the average Bahamian have to say about this?  Fred Smith is a Bahamian lawyer advocating for them. Here are some sample comments from the newspaper when this pic was printed:

  • Ahhh they are used to worst conditions Mr. Smith...I'm sure you see and know the vessels they arrive in

  • all I see is a trailer load of parasites.

  • .............. Fred Smith The Haitian Advocate Jackass ....

  • A cage has 6 sides not 5 you dumb Haitian parasite! Your Haitian brethren are SITTING in a topless landscape type trailer for security and their own safety.

  • Wish YOU were with them Ashlock!

As you can see, the state of enlightenment and human values is quite low in the Bahamas among the natives.

What Barbie looks like after the Holiday Season

After me being a pig during the holiday season, I feel like the Carbie Barbie above.  That is what Barbie looks like after pigging out on all of the food during the past Christmas and New Year and Holiday season.

Time for New Year's Resolution, and hitting the gym. In the shape that I am in, Fat Barbie is the girl to match my girth.