Product Review - Hipster MP3 Player

The main switch on my iPod Nano 6th generation went (due to a fault glue job on behalf of Apple, I might add) and I saw this Hipster player in WalMart for around $23 bucks.  The old adage in this case works -- "You get what you pay for.".

First of all, it was difficult to learn how to use.  You need a lot of button clicks to where you want to go. To get it to work in the first place, I had to watch the movie that comes on a mini cd in the packaging. The manual was of no help.

Less than three weeks later, I plug it in to recharge (doesn't last very long -- battery life of say 3 hours max), and when I unplugged it, there was a huge yellow streak across the screen. The screen is now divided and cannot be read.  I didn't drop it or anything.  It just appeared.

It still played music for a few days, and now it just plays the first few seconds of a song and skips to the next one.  Piece of crap.  I don't have the packaging to get a refund.

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