Celebrities Who Are The Same Age

It's hard to believe that Kate Upton and Selena Gomez are the same age.  Kate Upton definitely looks more mature, even though Selena Gomez was dirtied up by Justin Bieber. (oooooh can't erase that mental image -- gross!).

1979 Clip Art, Kentucky Fried Chicken Ad & Community

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Here are a couple of more pieces of 1979 clipart that I salvaged from an old newspaper.  The old KFC ad really brings back memories.  Those were the days when a KFC leg and breast were huge and a meal unto themselves.  These days, the KFC chickens are the size of robins, and you would need an 8-legged hen to get as much meat as a two-piece dinner in 1979.  Plus you got a piece what they called "Grecian Bread" that was a doughy white thing slathered with "butter" or some sort of oleo.  It tasted wonderful!  Those were the good old days when nothing was bad for you, even smoking.

Product Review - Hipster MP3 Player

The main switch on my iPod Nano 6th generation went (due to a fault glue job on behalf of Apple, I might add) and I saw this Hipster player in WalMart for around $23 bucks.  The old adage in this case works -- "You get what you pay for.".

First of all, it was difficult to learn how to use.  You need a lot of button clicks to where you want to go. To get it to work in the first place, I had to watch the movie that comes on a mini cd in the packaging. The manual was of no help.

Less than three weeks later, I plug it in to recharge (doesn't last very long -- battery life of say 3 hours max), and when I unplugged it, there was a huge yellow streak across the screen. The screen is now divided and cannot be read.  I didn't drop it or anything.  It just appeared.

It still played music for a few days, and now it just plays the first few seconds of a song and skips to the next one.  Piece of crap.  I don't have the packaging to get a refund.

The Sorry State of Human Trafficking and The Haitian Refugees

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Haiti is a failed state.  The poverty there is grinding.  To escape it, people pay human traffickers all of the money they have to squeeze on an overcrowded boat with just the clothes on their back.  They are promised perhaps a landing in the US, but more than likely, they end up in the Bahamas.  Some find work illegally and send money home.  Others are thrown out to sea by unscrupulous human traffickers and several tens of people die by drowning.  Others are intercepted by authorities and get sent back, poorer for the experience.  This is the face of human misery and human trafficking.

Why doesn't the Law of Attraction work for me?

Millions of dollars have been made on the Law of Attraction.  It all started with "Think and Grow Rich" and continued to this day with "The Secret" and thousands of others of purveyors of hope.  However, it is a proven fact that most people who try the Law of Attraction fail at it.

When I read about why these purveyors of merchandising say that it fails (while it fills their bank accounts) is because the practitioner is at fault.  Many claim that you are sending the universe mixed messages.  You still have a lot of negativity in your brain, and your poor old negative brain is preventing you from the riches magically appearing on your door.  One blogger even likened it to a symphony orchestra and 99 percent of the instruments aren't playing the music, but making noise.

So, I have seen the most logical, common-sense treatment of the Law of Attraction ever.  It is the non-Santa-Claus version.  In most books, they tell you that you put out your request to the Universe, and the riches come, like some cargo cult.   This book is the most logical, no-BS, truthful exposition of the Law of Attraction.  It is called "The Last Secret of the Law of Attraction" and it is available on Amazon.

In the book,  it tells you that getting rich is hard to do, unless you have the know-how.  It give you the plans and tools to get on the road to a more abundant life.  You owe it to give this book a read over.  It may change your life.

You can get it on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NP5519C

What happens in a collision between a Suzuki mini truck and a Mac dump Truck

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This is what happens when a Mac dump truck collides with a Suzuki mini truck.  The accident happened on Long Island in the Bahamas.  The driver did not survive the crash.

Oil Spill In The Bahamas

This isn't good.  Oil covered the beaches of the southwest portion of New Providence where Nassau is in the Bahamas.  Authorities still don't know the source of the contamination, however it is near the port where tankers unload Bunker C Crude Oil that is used in the Clifton Generating Plant that generates electricity for the entire island.

At the time of this writing, concerned citizens started cleaning up some of the oil, and some of it has been taken out the tide.  The good news is that tourists rarely make it to that part of the island, and the bad news is that oil was spilled into the ocean.  That area is near the traditional spawning grounds of the mutton snapper.

Child in Uganda Born With 8 Limbs

This child born in Uganda, had a parasitic twin embedded in its body.  Hence, it had four arms, and four legs.  Surgery was done on the child to remove the extra limbs and reportedly the child is doing well.

Celebrities Who Are The Same Age - Madonna and Jamie Lee Curtis

On the left is Madonna and on the right is Jamie Lee Curtis.  They are both the same age.  It's nice to see that Jamie Lee Curtis is aging naturally and hasn't undergone plastic surgery.  I saw some pics of Joan Rivers just before she died a couple of days ago, and the plastic surgery on her face was wild.  She didn't even look like the old Joan Rivers any longer.

Of course in this pic, Madonna is wearing a ton of makeup.  I have seen pics where she looks a lot older. However if one were to guess, one would guess that Jamie Lee is older by several years.

A Cake for all you single, teen mothers

Here is a celebratory cake for your upcoming baby, if you are a teen and pregnant.  This would go over well in the Bahamas where the Ministry of Social Services estimates that 75% of the households in the Bahamas consists of a single mother with multiple children by different fathers.  Their first child was born when they were just teens.

Happy happy happy.

Huge Mushroom Found Growing in the Woods

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This huge mushroom was found growing on a dead tree.  The top is over 16 inches in diameter.  It was so big, that it was almost a magic mushroom.  I was wondering if I would hallucinate if I tried a piece of it.

I suspect that it is edible.  It had a wonderful food mushroom aroma and it was quite delicate.  If you know what this mushroom is and if it is edible, please leave a comment.