Strange Light On Mars -- Perhaps Aliens?

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Definitely weird things are happening on Mars.  Take a look at the above pic snapped by the rover on Mars.  In the upper left you will see a glint of light.  Click on the pic to expand it, and you will see the glint (in a better light -- ha!).

I blew up the glint in the lower photo.  NASA says that it is probably light glinting off a rock or a cosmic ray. First of all, there are two arguments against light glinting off a rock.  First, it is dusk.  If there were any rocks that could make light glint of them, we would see more glints.  Secondly, the area is in a shadow.

As for the cosmic ray, the theory is that a cosmic ray hits a particle, disintegrates it, and a flash of light is given off.  This is how they capture neutrinos.  However, they have to do that in a deep mine in total darkness, just to get a faint glimmer.  There isn't enough energy to get a big flash.  Here we have enough ambient light to take a photograph, and we get a huge burst of light.  I doubt that it is a cosmic ray.

So what is it?  Is it aliens? Is it a fake photograph and an inadvertent flash from the Hollywood set is making the light? Is it another Mars rover from another galaxy?  Who knows?  What I do know is that I am not not buying the official story.

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