Product Review : Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mix ~ Peach Vacation

I was going on a camping trip and had an aluminum water bottle. I thought that it would be a treat to have some flavored drinks.  The current rage is the squeezable, sugar-free flavors.  The package looked appealing and peach is one of my favorite flavors.  I even like the fake peach drink that you get at some fast food and concession joints.

Well, let me tell you, this "Peach Vacation" is a major fail.  It tastes like crap.  I thought that perhaps that I put in too little, so I gave it an extra squeeze and all it did was make taste even more like crap.  I tried less of the stuff, and it tasted like Hint of Crap.  There is nothing that can make this taste good.

This is a huge disappointment because I was an early adopter of Crystal Light, and generally I like their stuff.  However this Peach Vacation tastes like the peaches went on a vacation through the intestines of a monkey and once out of the monkey bum hole, sat in the sun for a few days.


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