Another Plane Crash Yesterday in the Bahamas

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This is becoming all too common in the Bahamas -- private planes crashing and killing pilots and passengers.  This is the latest.  This plane, a Cessna 340 took off from Ormond Beach Municipal Airport near Daytona Beach, Florida headed for Freeport in the Bahamas.  It crashed 5 miles from the airport into the shallow ocean.  If you have ever flown from Freeport, as I have, you will notice that water sometimes comes right to the edge of the airport.  However it is very very shallow for miles.

Four people and the pilot were killed.  They were headed for Islands Seas Resort in Freeport.

Update: Thanks to the reader who pointed out that it was four people including the pilot that were killed.  The passengers were investors and corporate officers in the resort.

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Anonymous said...

it wasnt 4 people and the pilot, it was 4 people including the pilot.