Wife of Drug Runner is Now Governor General

There is no hope for the Bahamas.  The first Prime Minister after Independence was Lynden Oscar Pindling.  There was even a question as to whether he was born in the Bahamas, or born in Jamaica.  One thing is certain.  He was on the take.  He sold his country to the Columbian cocaine cartels, and they used Norman's Cay, a small island off Nassau as a transshipment point for cocaine going into the US.  Pindling made a fortune by collecting protection money.

Pindling was a member of the PLP party.  I won't even spell out what it means, because it is the height of hypocrisy. Now the PLP under Perry Christie who said that he would swim in vomit for the PLP party is trying to restore the tainted image of his party and Pindling.  He named the airport in Nassau after Pindling, which is ironic because it was by air that cocaine was shipped to the US.  The Drug-Runner-In-Chief died and now they made his wife the Governor General.  She is the one wearing the lampshade in the above picture.

She is also a tax deadbeat.  She owed 14 years of taxes on her multi-million dollar home, and the bill was magically erased when that fact came to light.

I fear that the moral compass of the Bahamas is not functioning at all.  What the PLP doesn't realize, is that one cannot re-write history, and the truth cannot be redacted.  History will judge them sharply, and the country is now suffering because of the endemic corruption.

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