Solved the Deerfly and Bugs Problem Outdoors

When in the north woods, one of the biggest and annoying problems this time of year, is the deerflies mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes can be repelled with a good dose of DEET base product, but deerflies, not so much.

However I get these strips at the dollar store.  They are long strips that cost a quarter each.  I cut them in half and pin a half to the back of a blue hat.  Deerfly problem over.  There are also four mosquitoes attached to the sticky strip as well the dozen deerflies.  This was just on a fifteen minute walk.

It is amazing how well it works.  I got out of the car, and immediately three deerflies buzzed me.  Fifteen seconds later, it was all quiet. They were all stuck to the thing on my hat.  I love it when something works really really well and solves a problem.

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