Who Will Win The FIFA World Cup 2014 In Brazil? Prediction !

Copa do Mundo da Fifa Brasil 2014
FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014


Who will win the FIFA World Cup?  The giant betting firm of Ladbrokes hired a 28 year old number cruncher to who determined that Chile would win.  My Number Crunching has different results.  It is based on Data Mining, Business Intelligence Cubes and Computer Bayesian Inference from vast amounts of data.  

Final Prediction:  The final according to my number crunching will the winner will be Brazil  The darkhorse will be France.
And while you are at it, get your Android app to celebrate every goal during the entire FIFA World Cup:

Aplicativo para celular Android

App that celebrates a goal for the team that you cheer.


Make the noise and fire works when the announcer shouts "Golazo" or Goal

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Torcer por sua seleção à brasileira

Cheer for your team Brazilian style


Celebrar a pontuação de futebol da equipe


Celebrate your team goals!

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