Mouse Gets Hard-On When Killed

 (click on pics for larger image)

There has been a steady stream, actually an infestation of mice wanted to be human roommates, and the traps have been real busy this spring trying to prevent it.  I don't know if it was the hard winter, or the cycle of mouse population has reached its peak, but there are more mice around this year than in the past several years.  There has been a mouse population explosion.

While emptying a trap, I noticed that a bulgey-eyed specimen was male.  How did I know that?  When I took him out of the trap, I noticed that he had an erection.  I have never seen a mouse penis before, or a mouse erection, but this guy had one after the trap sprung.

I read a story once, about a person, back in the day when capital punishment was a regular feature of life (it still is in Texas) and the method of capital punishment was hanging.  This person was a scientist and collected sperm samples from hanged men.  Apparently when a man is hanged, sometimes they ejaculate like having an orgasm.  I often wondered about the veracity of this story, but after seeing a mouse hard-on when the trap sprang, I am not so sure any more.

I must have a small mind, because little things amuse small minds, and this is a little thing.

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