The World's Largest Trout Fly

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At over 5 inches long, this has to be the world's largest trout fly.  I would like to see the fly rod that could cast this and the fish that would take it.  I suspect that it is a novelty item.

Pictures That Don't Need Any Captions -- Part II

Part One of this series was a couple of blog entries ago.  Either scroll down or click "Older Posts" if you can't see them.


Mouse Gets Hard-On When Killed

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There has been a steady stream, actually an infestation of mice wanted to be human roommates, and the traps have been real busy this spring trying to prevent it.  I don't know if it was the hard winter, or the cycle of mouse population has reached its peak, but there are more mice around this year than in the past several years.  There has been a mouse population explosion.

While emptying a trap, I noticed that a bulgey-eyed specimen was male.  How did I know that?  When I took him out of the trap, I noticed that he had an erection.  I have never seen a mouse penis before, or a mouse erection, but this guy had one after the trap sprung.

I read a story once, about a person, back in the day when capital punishment was a regular feature of life (it still is in Texas) and the method of capital punishment was hanging.  This person was a scientist and collected sperm samples from hanged men.  Apparently when a man is hanged, sometimes they ejaculate like having an orgasm.  I often wondered about the veracity of this story, but after seeing a mouse hard-on when the trap sprang, I am not so sure any more.

I must have a small mind, because little things amuse small minds, and this is a little thing.

Pictures That Don't Need Any Captions -- Part 1

The following picture do not need captions.  Click on any pic for a larger image.


These Butterflies Are Everywhere

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There are millions of these butterflies around this year.  I think that this it an Indra Swallowtail butterfly.  I see many of them every day.  They are quite beautiful and quite unafraid of human beings.

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un and His Yellow Submarine

Seeing this pic of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his yellow submarine, I am reminded of the Beatles lyrics of that song:

As we live a life of ease
Every one of us has all we need
Sky of blue and sea of green
In our yellow submarine.

Of course we all believe that North Korea is a utopia in a land of plenty where they turn out the lights of the country at night.  Yeah right!


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One of the most ubiquitous plants around the Bahamas is the seagrape tree. You will see it as a hedge, or a shrub or even a tree growing everywhere.  It is saltwater resistant.  In the old days, and in some households, the fruit is collected and made into a jam.  It is particularly sweet, but there is not a lot of it.  The fruit grown in bunches like a grape, but the individual fruits do not ripen all at once.  They ripen one at a time.  Also the fruits have this huge seed in the middle, so the fruit is just a thin layer around the seed.  You really can't eat the fruit -- you have to suck it off the seed.

Female Bigfoot spotted on beach

This coy, attractive female Bigfoot was recently spotted on a beach.  This is an amazing one-of-a-kind picture of a Bigfoot, and proof that they exist.

My New Shirt Design For Nerds and Programmers

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This is my new invention -- a shirt design for programmers and nerds.  With the advent of tablets and computing, nerds no longer require pocket protectors and a pocket full of pens.  So now we need sustenance to do our geeky things and this shirt fits the bill.

They go on sale for $499.99 in a few weeks.

Square Lighthouses in the Maritimes

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On the East Coast in the Maritimes, they have wood aplenty.  Most of the houses are of wooden clapboard. The lumber industry is huge.  So is sailing, fishing and working the sea.

This lighthouse is at Cape Enrage in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.  It is a typical Maritime lighthouse.  It is built of wood, and it is square.  It is incredibly scenic around Cape Enrage.

Who Will Win The FIFA World Cup 2014 In Brazil? Prediction !

Copa do Mundo da Fifa Brasil 2014
FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014


Who will win the FIFA World Cup?  The giant betting firm of Ladbrokes hired a 28 year old number cruncher to who determined that Chile would win.  My Number Crunching has different results.  It is based on Data Mining, Business Intelligence Cubes and Computer Bayesian Inference from vast amounts of data.  

Final Prediction:  The final according to my number crunching will the winner will be Brazil  The darkhorse will be France.
And while you are at it, get your Android app to celebrate every goal during the entire FIFA World Cup:

Aplicativo para celular Android

App that celebrates a goal for the team that you cheer.


Make the noise and fire works when the announcer shouts "Golazo" or Goal

Obtê-lo aqui

Get it HERE:

Torcer por sua seleção à brasileira

Cheer for your team Brazilian style

Celebrar a pontuação de futebol da equipe

Celebrate your team goals!

European Countries' Names in Actual Chinese

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This is a map of Europe, labeled with what the symbols for each country means in Chinese.  Chinese writing is a lot different from English.  You have a symbol and you have to memorize how to pronounce it.  The symbol is a pictogram.  For example you combine the symbol of female and add it to the symbol for broom and the combined symbol is wife.  There is no relation to how the symbol is drawn, and how it is pronounced.

With that in mind, here are what the actual symbols mean in Chinese for some European countries:

England - Braveland
Ireland - Love Your Orchid
Spain - West Classtooth
France - Law land
Italy - Meaning Big Profit
Switzerland - Swiss Scholar
Germany - Moral-Land
Austria - Oh Ground Profit