iPod Nano 6th Generation Power Switch Gone!

Really ticked off about this.  The power switch is gone on my iPod 6th Generation Nano.  It looks like the spring is gone inside it and the power switch is stuck in the down position.  I looked on Youtube to see if one could get into it, and it involves using a heat gun to lift the black screen off.  I wasn't too crazy about that.

I thought that it was stuck, so I tried prying it with a precision screwdriver, all to no avail.  I gave it a few blasts with compressed air and nothing happened.  I thought that maybe a hydrocarbon solvent would help so I tilted the air can to put the liquid propellant right into the switch and nada.

I can still operate if I plug it into my iPad charger and leave it connected, but that isn't a long term solution.

If you know of fix, please leave a comment.

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