Conch Supply Being Unloaded

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For as long as there have been people in the Bahamas, conch has been a staple food item and a source of protein.  It is a sea snail or sea slug that makes a beautiful shell, and for centuries, the pickings have been easy.  In the best of times, conch is on the sea floor in shallow water.

Unfortunately, with the amount of over-harvesting, fishing boats are now required to go further and further to find conch.  There are minimum size limits, but do to a lack of manpower, these are rarely enforced.

Ironically, conch was the sustenance of poor folk.  However with the rise in price, it has now become a bit of a luxury item.  Conch salad is now in the $7-$10 range.  It is raw conch with limes, lemon, onion, bell pepper.  Conch fritters are conch chopped into pieces and embedded in dough dropped in a deep fryer.  It is served with a mayo/Thousand Islands sauce.

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