Churches With Funny Names Are Burning in The Bahamas

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In the monolithic tourism economy of the Bahamas, one of the easiest jobs to create on your own, is that of pastor.  It doesn't take much to start a church in the Bahamas.  But the rising crime rate is now affecting the churches.  In particular small churches with funny names are burning.  Here are two in the past week.

In the upper picture, the church name is Da Cabin and the Whosoever Will Ministries Intl.  What is funny, is the International in the name.  It reminds me of the story of the family who named their dog Moreover, because in the Bible there is a verse "Moreover the dog came and licked his sores", and they thought that moreover was the dog's name.  The burning of this church is probably not arson, as there was a gas delivery just before the church burned.  There are no fire trucks on the island that this church is located on.

In the second picture, it was arson and death threats to one of the church's founder.  The name of this church is Miracle Faith Praying Station Church of God.  There were no miracles to prevent the fire and arson.

I am still waiting for a church to name itself Be Generous at the Collection Basket.

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