The Latest App for Running and Fitness Training

Here is an Android app for running, speed walking, jogging and just plain walking.  This app called Running Rhythms is unique because it works on the mind as well as the body when exercising.  It uses the principles of Binaural Beats ( ) which are sound processing artifacts in the brain to create slow frequency brainwaves in the head that causes Brainwave Entrainment ( ) which synchronizes body and mind to the rhythms of running, jogging or walking.

Not only does this have those calming synchronizing effects, but the Binary Beats are used in great numbers by the yoga crowd for meditation, peace of mind, the energizing effects, as well as for causing ASMRs (Asynchronous Meridian responses) or Brain Orgasms. Check out this Time Magazine article ( )

If you have an Android phone, tablet or even a Kindle eReader, you can benefit from this revolutionary new training aid.  These apps are $1.99 on the Amazon app platform.  Here is the Amazon URL for Running Rhythms:

If you are a running, jogger or walker for exercises, you need to get this latest tool in fitness for yourself.

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