Product Review - Old Spice Pure Sport Body Wash

I gotta say this about Old Spice products -- they are inexpensive, do the job and last a long time.  In the tropics where a stick of deodorant that goes for $2.99 in WalMart back home,  is priced at $9.99, it is useful to have a product that I can bring in with me and don't need replacing often.  The deodorant is one example.  It lasts months.

I finally finished the Old Spice, Pure Sport, High Endurance Body Wash today.  It lasted a long time too, but I do have a criticism.  Most of it went down the drain.  I have had body washes that were in a very liquid state and didn't last long.  This stuff has a very jelly consistency and when you apply it to your body, big gobs of cleave off and end up on the shower floor.  It is like a very thick snot.  It should spread better when it hits your body, instead of still sticking together and falling off.

I have already gone off looking for a better soap and body wash, but I will continue to use the Old Spice deodorant.  It really does the job in the tropics.

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