Women's Suffrage and Equality in the Bahamas is Myth

This is a prime example of the deep dark corners of evil in the human heart in the Bahamas.  Pictured is Leslie Miller.  He is member of parliament for Tall Pines.  He is chairman of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation.  He is a mental midget, a misogynist and thick brick that is an example of what is wrong with the political party governing the Bahamas today.

The Bahamas does not have equal rights for women.   They are discriminated against in the constitution in many ways. It was Miller's backward, retrogressive, corrupt party, the PLP or Progressive Liberal Party (a joke when you consider the meaning of the words) that was responsible for the Columbian cocaine cartels importing drugs into the United States, and that party is now glorifying its dead corrupt leader who sold the country.  This same party campaigned against a constitutional amendment that would have given women equal rights.  This party is the worst example of vote buying, gerrymandering, corruption and kleptocracy.

This is what the member pictured above, said in Parliament yesterday.  It is in the official record:

"My God, that's your idea of love! That's like beating your wife or your girlfriend every time you go home. You just beat her for looking at her. I love ya. Boom, boom, boom. I had a girlfriend like that. When I didn't beat her she used to tell me I ain't love her no more cause I don't hit her. But seriously I had one like that. I had one. She used to tell me," he insisted as other members murmured and chuckled. House Speaker Dr. Kendal Major injected, "We know that you're joking with that." However, Miller said he was "serious with that". "I tell her I get tired, man," he continued, laughing. "My hands hurting a little bit--give me a break." After a comment from a sitting member inquiring whether he was joking, he reiterated,"I am telling you the truth. One thing I don't do is lie." 

Can you imagine.  The worst part of this whole scene, is that he was not rebuked by the Prime Minister or his fellow cabinet members.  What a bunch of barbarians.

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