Weird Obituary Pictures

A wise sage once said that when you pose for any picture, keep in mind that it might be your obituary picture.  When I ran across this saying, i decided to check the obituary pages to see if it was true or not.  It is.  But what gets me, is that when friends or relatives post obituary pictures, they should have a tone of respect for the lives lived.  A lot of people don't suscribe to that notion.  Oftentimes you wonder WTF they were thinking when they posted the obit pic.  Here are a few of the interesting ones.

Woo hoo! A Hawaiian shirt and a martini with a smile as big as the Ritz.  Informal is the keyword here.  In good taste is debatable.

What is that rat sitting on his shoulder?

Please send donations to the Liver Transplant Association.

Did the rabbit die too?

You are supposed to take the obituary picture BEFORE you die!

Why is Grampa wearing Gramma's hat?

I know that it is a nice tie, but did we have to cut off the top of his head?

Why is Grandma giving us the bony finger?

Is this a wedding or a funeral, or is the wedding the end of a happy life?

And this is my best Gomer Pyle imitation.

This is what Grandpa wore for Halloween last year.

Wow, a computer selfie for an obit pic!  Looks like the eyes are closed.  Was this taken before the undertaker came?

A Swedish Cowboy?

Richard Petty as an old man.

Richard Petty as a young man.

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