People Don't Want To Believe That It Is An Inside Job - MH370

Before today's news that officials in the US now believe that the cockpit crew (pilot and/or co-pilot) were responsible for the missing Malaysian Airline MH370 flight, Slate had a poll to see what people thought was responsible for the missing flight.  Here is the results of the poll:

Poll Question: What do you think happened to the Malaysia Airlines jet?


It crashed in an accident. (8%)
It was diverted in act of air piracy and has landed somewhere. (44%)
It was hijacked and then crashed. (33%)
One or both of the pilots caused it to crash. (11%)
It just disappeared for some reason. (4%)

Only 11% thought it was one or both of the pilots that caused the plane to disappear.  I think that what explains those low numbers, is that people do not want to believe that they could put their own lives in danger when stepping on to a plane, and a rogue pilot may take them to a watery early grave.

However, it is looking more and more like the pilot(s) did it.  It is the only logical explanation at this point.

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