Attitudes Towards Gays In The Bahamas

A prominent clergyman in the Bahamas publicly asked the Prime Minister of the Bahamas to dismiss the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who made a speech defending gay rights at a meeting of the Caricom or Caribbean Community.

Here are some selected comments from the firestorm that brewed online because of this:

(unedited, complete with spelling errors etc)

Exactly they already have the rights of others, first they claim that they want to be married, marriage is technically before God in 'Holy Matrimony' that will in turn be a complete abomination. They could pretend to marry, with promise rings and everything, we wouldnt care because who can tell them that they are not physically married? But yea, they want the 'marriage benefits' that will include but not limited to, insurances etc. On the other hand most of the homosexuals that I have met seem to have a disregard/disbelief for God. These persons just need to keep whatever they do in their privacy and continue to live the life they for some reason love. There is no reason for it to be forced on us. They promote this lifestyle like a style, trend or something to be adopted. Obviously if it was naturally occuring there would be no reason for advertisements and promotions. They basically try to invade everything we do with some form of homosexual innuendos for acceptance.

You say God doesnt like intolerance and hatred, but God also doesnt like abominations, which is in this case homosexuality.

(Someone pointed out that giraffes display homosexual behaviour) There is no need to compare man to animal, that is your problem right there. Both we and animals have different purposes here on earth. Now if you are going to compare, there are animals that fly, why dont we fly? There are animals that live in water, why cant we? The point is, there can be no population of animals or humans if there weren't a male and a female. You shun down religions as a form of some fantasy that we believe, at the end of the day, I dont care what you believe in. The point is there is no procreation in homosexuality.

Just watch out Bahamas before this country becomes another Sodom and Gomorrah - and I mean it. Allow it and watch how this place will be!... on fire!....

Once God has revealed the truth to you, He will expect you to live by it...Any mistake, you will pay the price...

The dark cannot co-exist with the light.

When we get to Heaven we will be surprise to see who will be there. Be very careful , God is a forgiving and mercy full God who hates the sin but loves the sinner. Pray for persons who are gay and leave the rest to God.

Interesting.  The homophobia is the majority view in the Bahamas.

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