The Ultimate Buzz While Snowboarding, Skiing, Rollerblading etc -- The Brain Orgasm

Well, it was bound to happen -- the development of a digital recreational drug for the brain.  But wait!  What if there were no side effects, no bad things, just a feel-good and heightened pleasure.  What if it is good for you and has health benefits.  It's called a Brain Orgasm.

The scientific name is ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  You have probably had one before and didn't recognize it.  The triggers are many.  Youtube is full of trigger videos for brain orgasms.  Sometimes it is triggered by have a person of the opposite sex whisper to you.  You may get one when your hair is being stroked, or you hear a pen writing on paper.

It is hard to define because they are different for everybody.  It is a strange tingly sensation originating in your brain but manifesting itself perhaps in other parts of your body.  It is sometimes a warming, tingly part of your body, or the hair stands up on the back of the neck.

There is a digital trigger.  It is an auditory stimulus called binaural beats.  Essentially a binaural beat is a sound processing artifact.  Your brain creates this beat or vibration when processing two other sounds that are close in frequency.  Binaural beats have been shown to have proven health benefits.  They drive away anxiety, and de-stress you.  They make you feel less depressed and more optimistic.  There are a whole variety of claims for binaural beats.  They also trigger ASMRs or Brain Orgasms.

Sometimes it takes awhile or repeated use to trigger an ASMR using binaural beats.  However there are benefits to be had while just listening to binaural beats without the brain orgasm.  When binaural beats are combined with resonant images, the Brain Orgasm is intensified and hence the digital recreation drug.

The binaural beats can be used to reduce worry while waiting for dental appointments, studying for exams or any stressful situations.

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