Looking For Something to Do? Hanging Party, Parade and Motorcade in Nassau Today

(click for larger image)

Looking for something exciting to do in Nassau today?  You can go to the hanging party, parade and motorcade in the Bahamas being held today.

The effigy dude being strung up is Jeremiah Murderer (you can't make this stuff up in the Bahamas), and he is being death-paraded through the streets of Nassau for committing murder while out on bail.

All humor aside, this is exactly what happens in the Bahamas.  They have ten times the murder rate of Toronto, yet have only 270,000 people.  Last month, four people were machine-gunned to death in Fox Hill and eight others were injured.

The Bahamas has the death penalty -- death by hanging but they haven't strung anyone up for over 10 years, and activist Rodney Moncur is leading the public protest to hang all of those on death row, and keep on hanging the murderers.

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