Justice And Freedom Of Speech Triumphs In The Bahamas

Pictured above is a gentleman named Rodney Moncur of Nassau.  He is celebrating his victory in court over a corrupt police system and political machinery in the Bahamas.  He is also celebrating Freedom and Speech and social media freedoms.

The back story is this.  Several people have died while in police custody.  They experienced wound such that they were beaten and tortured by the Royal Bahamas Police Force members.  Rodney Moncur posted a picture of a victim on Facebook.  The person died by being beaten and tortured in police custody.

Immediately, the political and police machinery moved in.  The commissioner of police was directly involved.  Mr. Moncur was arrested and charged with a crime.  He was made to post $7,500 bail (which is a lot when you consider the average wage in the Bahamas is about $400 a week.)  Moncur's case kept getting delayed.  Finally he had his day in court.  He was acquitted.  The justice also ordered the Commissioner of Police to destroy his fingerprints, police record and such.  It was a total vindication for truth and justice in the Bahamas, when one considers that the currently political party in power traffics in lies continuously.

Individual freedom of speech is safe with the judiciary in the Bahamas -- for now.

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