Halloween At The Court System in Nassau

The Bahamas is caught in a time warp.  The lawyers and judges wear wool wigs just like they did in the Victorian times in Britain.  The courts are largely medieval in the Bahamas.  The policemen do the prosecutions for crimes, and justice is a inconsistent thing.  You may get three years in jail for minor crime and get bail for murder.  But the Supreme Court takes the cake.

You will recall a few posts back where I posted the parade through the streets of Nassau for the opening of the "Legal Season".  One of the parade wardens carried a big boat paddle.  Well, once they get in the court room, its Halloween time as the picture shows above.

However, there is a much more serious problem with the Bahamas.  The Supreme Court is hopelessly backlogged.  Not only that, pictured below is how the Supreme Court stores its records and files.

It is a national disgrace.  When you couple that to a corrupt legal system where recently a lawyer misdirected trust funds due to government taxes for second home purchases, and was fined $750.  In any other jurisdiction, he would have several years in jail.  The Bahamas Bar Association is rife with corruption.  Anyone entering a lawyers office in Nassau, does so at their peril.  They see you as a new piece of meat to cut steaks off for their revenue stream, while doing as little work as possible.  There is no penalty for shoddy legal work in the Bahamas, and the courts are no help, as pictured above.

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