Get A Load of This -- Swim-Up Rooms in a Hotel

You have heard of swim-up bars?  Sandals Royal Bahamian Suites now have swim-up rooms. The pools are attached to a river pool which goes out to a water Zen Garden.   Not only that, each of these suites has a private butler attached to it for all of your butlering needs.  They just graduated 11 butlers from a butlering course.

Me -- I think that the combination of drinking alcohol and a Zen Garden is somewhat contradictory.  I hope that they have good insurance to help drunken vacation revelers trying to get out of the pool.  I hope that they have a good absorbent mat just inside the door of the room.  Sleepwalkers could get drowned if they go out for a bit of fresh air.  There is one positive.  It eliminates the patio door from being prone to be opened by thieves.

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