Bahamas Crime Warning - Don't Leave the Tourist Areas --Shootings

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A further caution for tourists travelling to Nassau in the Bahamas.  There were two shootings last night.  The one pictured above was at the Phoenix Cafe on south East Street.  It is well out of the tourist area.  A gang war is going on and the leader of a gang was shot in the cafe.  There could be collateral damage if you are sitting in a cafe when guns open fire.  The shooters in the Bahamas have shown that they have no compunction of opening fire into a crowd.  Four people were killed in Fox Hill and several others injured.

The other shooting took place outside an urban renewal office -- a failed government initiative that was to forestall crime.  Obviously it is not working.

All this to say, is that you probably will be safe in the tourist areas, but don't leave them. Don't rent a scooter.  Don't go into neighborhoods that you don't know, and be keenly aware of your safety at all times.

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