A Beach Shot To Warm You Up

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I know that a lot of people reading this are experiencing cold weather, so here is a beach shot to warm you up.  Keep the faith.  It will be hot soon enough again.

The Ultimate Buzz While Snowboarding, Skiing, Rollerblading etc -- The Brain Orgasm

Well, it was bound to happen -- the development of a digital recreational drug for the brain.  But wait!  What if there were no side effects, no bad things, just a feel-good and heightened pleasure.  What if it is good for you and has health benefits.  It's called a Brain Orgasm.

The scientific name is ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  You have probably had one before and didn't recognize it.  The triggers are many.  Youtube is full of trigger videos for brain orgasms.  Sometimes it is triggered by have a person of the opposite sex whisper to you.  You may get one when your hair is being stroked, or you hear a pen writing on paper.

It is hard to define because they are different for everybody.  It is a strange tingly sensation originating in your brain but manifesting itself perhaps in other parts of your body.  It is sometimes a warming, tingly part of your body, or the hair stands up on the back of the neck.

There is a digital trigger.  It is an auditory stimulus called binaural beats.  Essentially a binaural beat is a sound processing artifact.  Your brain creates this beat or vibration when processing two other sounds that are close in frequency.  Binaural beats have been shown to have proven health benefits.  They drive away anxiety, and de-stress you.  They make you feel less depressed and more optimistic.  There are a whole variety of claims for binaural beats.  They also trigger ASMRs or Brain Orgasms.

Sometimes it takes awhile or repeated use to trigger an ASMR using binaural beats.  However there are benefits to be had while just listening to binaural beats without the brain orgasm.  When binaural beats are combined with resonant images, the Brain Orgasm is intensified and hence the digital recreation drug.

The binaural beats can be used to reduce worry while waiting for dental appointments, studying for exams or any stressful situations.

You can learn more about the two here:  http://binauralbrainorgasm.blogspot.com/

And you can get the Brain Orgasm App on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IMGWMJQ

Justice And Freedom Of Speech Triumphs In The Bahamas

Pictured above is a gentleman named Rodney Moncur of Nassau.  He is celebrating his victory in court over a corrupt police system and political machinery in the Bahamas.  He is also celebrating Freedom and Speech and social media freedoms.

The back story is this.  Several people have died while in police custody.  They experienced wound such that they were beaten and tortured by the Royal Bahamas Police Force members.  Rodney Moncur posted a picture of a victim on Facebook.  The person died by being beaten and tortured in police custody.

Immediately, the political and police machinery moved in.  The commissioner of police was directly involved.  Mr. Moncur was arrested and charged with a crime.  He was made to post $7,500 bail (which is a lot when you consider the average wage in the Bahamas is about $400 a week.)  Moncur's case kept getting delayed.  Finally he had his day in court.  He was acquitted.  The justice also ordered the Commissioner of Police to destroy his fingerprints, police record and such.  It was a total vindication for truth and justice in the Bahamas, when one considers that the currently political party in power traffics in lies continuously.

Individual freedom of speech is safe with the judiciary in the Bahamas -- for now.

Bahamas Crime Warning - Don't Leave the Tourist Areas --Shootings

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A further caution for tourists travelling to Nassau in the Bahamas.  There were two shootings last night.  The one pictured above was at the Phoenix Cafe on south East Street.  It is well out of the tourist area.  A gang war is going on and the leader of a gang was shot in the cafe.  There could be collateral damage if you are sitting in a cafe when guns open fire.  The shooters in the Bahamas have shown that they have no compunction of opening fire into a crowd.  Four people were killed in Fox Hill and several others injured.

The other shooting took place outside an urban renewal office -- a failed government initiative that was to forestall crime.  Obviously it is not working.

All this to say, is that you probably will be safe in the tourist areas, but don't leave them. Don't rent a scooter.  Don't go into neighborhoods that you don't know, and be keenly aware of your safety at all times.

Peter Nygard, Stem Cells and The Fountain of Youth

That's Peter Nygard on the right, photographed at a stem cell conference on Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas.  At that conference, he claims to have reversed his own aging process.  He says that he looks younger because of his injections of stem cells.

Nygard donated millions of dollars to the re-election of the current corruption-ridden PLP party in the Bahamas.  (This was the government who's Minister Shane Gibson took the bribe of a Rolex watch to expedite the permanent residency of porn star Anna Nicole Smith, who was later found dead in the Bahamas.  Pictures also emerged that suggest Gibson had an extra-marital affair with the star.)

The PLP is rife with corruption and Nygard donated the money for quid pro quo to have a stem cell facility -- his own private fountain of youth located at Nygard Cay in the Bahamas.  It is being termed a clinic.

The Bahamas is hugely conservative and a similar stem cell facility was actually closed in Grand Bahama several years ago, but apparently Nygard's money has ears.  The government is all for it now.

Get A Load of This -- Swim-Up Rooms in a Hotel

You have heard of swim-up bars?  Sandals Royal Bahamian Suites now have swim-up rooms. The pools are attached to a river pool which goes out to a water Zen Garden.   Not only that, each of these suites has a private butler attached to it for all of your butlering needs.  They just graduated 11 butlers from a butlering course.

Me -- I think that the combination of drinking alcohol and a Zen Garden is somewhat contradictory.  I hope that they have good insurance to help drunken vacation revelers trying to get out of the pool.  I hope that they have a good absorbent mat just inside the door of the room.  Sleepwalkers could get drowned if they go out for a bit of fresh air.  There is one positive.  It eliminates the patio door from being prone to be opened by thieves.

More Photoshopped Celebrity -Kristen Stewart

More examples of you can't believe what you are actually seeing.  Pictured above is the before and after pictures of Kristen Stewart after being run through photoshop.  Personally, I like the one on the left, but they actually photoshopped her mouth closed, lightened the shadows on her skin and lightened the face to make her look younger.  Her hair looks blonder in the altered image as well.

Skier Jacky Chamoun's topless photos

I don't know what the big deal is over Jacky Chamoun's topless photo is all about.  She is a beautiful woman, a talented athlete, and an Olympian.  So why does she have to apologize for the above photo.  Are all Lebanese a bunch of crazy conservatives.  They should be proud of her.  It is a great photo.

Demi Moore - Photoshop Bullshit!

This picture is accompanying an ad campaign on Google.  I can't believe the pure bullshit that they expect us to believe.  This particular ad is for a product supposedly endorsed by Dr. Oz as well.

We all know that you can't make a 50+ year old woman look like a twenty something.  It is obviously photoshopped.  One of the biggest scourges of truth in advertising is Photoshop and it is one of the biggest boons to ad execs.

I'd Like To Buy A Vowel, Pat!

Never mind vowels to Bosnia, or buying a vowel on Wheel of Fortune, I would like to buy a vowel to know how to pronounce the name of this bar.  Maybe the name describes what happens when you drink their signature cocktail? Maybe it describes the interior?  Who knows?

This bar is in Aix-en-Provence just off the main square.

Growing near the fence - Stunning Tropical Flower

This stunning tropical flower was growing near the fence just outside our patio door.  It is gorgeous.

I think that it is a trumpet vine flower.

Stunning Sunset Photograph


I was amazed at the colors of this sunset painted across the evening sky.  This was a crisp fall day and it was just outside Prague in the Czech Republic in an area known as Ladvi.  At one time it was the northern-most terminus of the train and tramway into Prague.  The surrounding countryside near Ladvi is quite beautiful, although Ladvi itself is quite built up and full of dense apartment buildings.

Another One -- Caught on Google Street View

This is not a very flattering picture of a woman on a bicycle.  It catches her at the exact angle that shows a beer belly, a large bum, a pear-shaped body and general romance anti-matter.

She was caught by the Google Street view cameras.

Halloween At The Court System in Nassau

The Bahamas is caught in a time warp.  The lawyers and judges wear wool wigs just like they did in the Victorian times in Britain.  The courts are largely medieval in the Bahamas.  The policemen do the prosecutions for crimes, and justice is a inconsistent thing.  You may get three years in jail for minor crime and get bail for murder.  But the Supreme Court takes the cake.

You will recall a few posts back where I posted the parade through the streets of Nassau for the opening of the "Legal Season".  One of the parade wardens carried a big boat paddle.  Well, once they get in the court room, its Halloween time as the picture shows above.

However, there is a much more serious problem with the Bahamas.  The Supreme Court is hopelessly backlogged.  Not only that, pictured below is how the Supreme Court stores its records and files.

It is a national disgrace.  When you couple that to a corrupt legal system where recently a lawyer misdirected trust funds due to government taxes for second home purchases, and was fined $750.  In any other jurisdiction, he would have several years in jail.  The Bahamas Bar Association is rife with corruption.  Anyone entering a lawyers office in Nassau, does so at their peril.  They see you as a new piece of meat to cut steaks off for their revenue stream, while doing as little work as possible.  There is no penalty for shoddy legal work in the Bahamas, and the courts are no help, as pictured above.

Looking For Something to Do? Hanging Party, Parade and Motorcade in Nassau Today

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Looking for something exciting to do in Nassau today?  You can go to the hanging party, parade and motorcade in the Bahamas being held today.

The effigy dude being strung up is Jeremiah Murderer (you can't make this stuff up in the Bahamas), and he is being death-paraded through the streets of Nassau for committing murder while out on bail.

All humor aside, this is exactly what happens in the Bahamas.  They have ten times the murder rate of Toronto, yet have only 270,000 people.  Last month, four people were machine-gunned to death in Fox Hill and eight others were injured.

The Bahamas has the death penalty -- death by hanging but they haven't strung anyone up for over 10 years, and activist Rodney Moncur is leading the public protest to hang all of those on death row, and keep on hanging the murderers.