Bahamas Crime Wave Continues

The unhappy crime wave in the Bahamas continues unabated.  Other than the fact that the Permanent Secretary's car had the wheels stolen pictured above (a permanent secretary in the highest un-elected civil servant like the US Secretary of State), the murders most foul continues unabated.

After the Junkanoo celebrations at Christmas, thugs armed with machines guns and AK47's opened fire on a crowd in Fox Hill killing 4 and injuring at least double that.  Multiple murders are becoming the norm.  Here is an excerpt from today's newspaper in Nassau:

FOUR MEN are dead and three others are fighting for their lives in hospital following six separate shootings in the capital between New Year’s eve and last night.
The latest murder took place just before 7 o’clock last night on Buttonwood Avenue, Pinewood Gardens, where police say one man was killed and another rushed to hospital after gunmen opened fire.
Earlier, at around 2am, the first murder of 2014 took place. Police say the victim was sitting on a vehicle in Hospital Lane, when a man armed with a handgun approached him and shot him several times before fleeing on foot.
The victim was taken to hospital by a private vehicle where he died of his injuries.

I don't know where this is going to end, but I don't feel safe in the Bahamas any longer.

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