I have to do it -- I need a happy pic!

I'm sorry, but this morning I need a happy pic to start off my day.  There is so much misery, crap and corruption in this big old world, but there are also beautiful happy places.  The majestic grandeur of the boreal forest and northern wilderness is one of them.

Beyond the thin ribbon of blacktop road, there is the magnificent domain of Mother Nature with her northern trees, rocks, water, wild life, clean air and beauty.  It is a valuable treasure, and it makes me happy.

Alec Baldwin's Kid Patted Down at the Airport in Bahamas

(click for larger image)

Alec Baldwin, his wife Hilaria and daughter Carmen (pictured above) spent some time at the ritzy and posh One & Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas on Paradise Island.  If you recall, parts of the James Bond film, Casino Royale was filmed there.

Alec relaxed with his family, and on the way out of the airport, the screeners patted down in his baby.  He was pissed and let the world know on Twitter.  He blamed it on the TSA screeners.  In fact it was Bahamian airport screeners who patted down the baby.  Baldwin was as irascible and not pleased as ever.

Angry Birds - Vatican Dove Attacked

Man, the Vatican was the last place on earth for the Doves of Peace.  After some kids released doves with Pope Francis, one of the doves was attacked by seagull and the second was attacked by a crow.  This happened in front of a huge crowd.  Nobody knows if the doves survived or not.  The phrase "The best laid plans of mice and men" comes to mind.

Something to Do in Nassau This Saturday

If you are in Nassau, the Bahamas this Saturday and are looking for something to do, please keep the Bahamas National Trust in mind.  The Retreat on Village Road is really worth a visit, plus Da Market has some neat stuff for sale.

It is one of the safer places to go in Nassau (The Retreat is completely walled and fenced) and it is a treat for the eyes.  The BNT does great work for the environment, so please support them.  Please donate to them if you can.  Thank you.

The Misery Hath No End in the Bahamas

(click for large image)

For a small island of 18.7 miles by 7 miles wide, and a population of some 270,000, the misery just doesn't seen to end.  The social fabric is unraveling more and more every day, and nothing can stop it.

This is a picture of the body of a murder victim over the weekend.  A fifty-ish man was bound and then stabbed to death in his own home.  It was a horrific murder.  The killings continue unabated.

The poor island in the sun suffers.  This is a modern phenomena that came about with independence from Great Britain.

Moose Wades Past Canoe

A friend of mine invited me to go paddling in the wilderness last fall.  Unfortunately, business trips ate into my time and I couldn't go.  Paddling in the wilderness is one of my favorite activities.

He has just gotten around to sending me pics of his adventure.  He woke up one morning to find this moose wading by.  Enjoy.

Donald Trump and the Fake Tan Juice

(click for large image)

I looked at this close-up of Donald Trump and went "WHOA aaaaa".  Look at the fake tan juice that he applies.  He doesn't put it around his eyes, so he has pale raccoon eyes and pinkish wan lips.  And his ears are without color.

In a normal tan situation the bridge of his nose should be the darkest.  It isn't.  Quite frankly, he looks like the clown that he is.

Mystery On Mars -- The Rock That Magically Appeared on Mars

(click for larger image)

Ten years ago, the mini rovers Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars.  Spirit crapped out, with two broken wheels, and the loss of communications ability.  The pint-sized Opportunity is still going strong, exploring away, and sending pictures back of what it finds.  There is a huge mystery of what it found.

The photo on the left was taken twelve days before the photo on the right.  In the intervening time, a strange white rock with a red depression in it, appeared in the scene.  This is a huge mystery.

The depression in the mystery rock is strange as well.  Instruments show scientists that the red depression part is very high in sulfur and magnesium, and it has twice as much manganese as has ever been seen in anything on Mars.

There are a couple of theories of how the rock appeared.  One is that it is ejecta from a small volcanic explosion and was blown there.  Another is that the wheels of Opportunity flipped it in place.  None of these explanations are totally satisfying.

The obvious explanation is that someone or something put the rock there.  Is there life on Mars?

Kate Winslet Photoshopped

(click for larger image)

This is another picture in the series of photoshopped celebrities.  Kate Winslet is pictured above.  Actually the modification on this pic isn't that bad.  They softened the skin and gave it a lighter, rosier glow.  This picture is obviously a few years old.

Highly Disturbing Ad Pictures

This is one of the ads appearing that Google serves up on this blog.  I gotta say that it is highly disturbing.  To me, it has to be photoshopped.  Either that, or the guy is 29 years old and has lived a really debauched life and isn't as old as he looks.

I think that it relies on shock value to get people to notice.  But it takes me back to those fantastic ads in the back of comic books in the 1970's that were fascinating to read, but you knew couldn't really be true.  Advertising will always be advertising.

The Judge and The Boat Paddle

(click for larger image)

The courts in the Bahamas close down for Christmas.  In the New Year, they open up again.  For the opening they have a small parade and a celebration calling it "The New Judicial Year".  They have a police guard, a flag bearer and then comes a guy with a huge paddle.  It could be a boat paddle.  It is carved.  It could be a bum-spanker, some form of punishment.  Whatever it is, it is the sign of the office of the Chief Justice.

And then comes the chief justice in his wool wig.  You can see him behind the boat paddle guy.  He is the fat man with the red robe wearing a Goldilocks white wig.   It is quite the show.

1930's Maritime Folk Art

I recently came across these two examples of 1930's maritime folk art.  The ship above came with a note that it was made from the board of an actual schooner of that era that had come to the ends of its life.  The detail is good, but rather simple and primitive.

The bird decoy is quite primitive.  It has thick milk paint on it that is distressed.  The legs are crudely put in.  When turned over. there is putty holding the legs in place.  It is truly authentic and its primitiveness makes it appealing.  However the market and prices have really declined for this kind of stuff lately, even with good provenance for the objects.

Disappearing sight from roadways -- Nostalgic Garbage

(click for larger image)

The above photo used to be quite a regular sight along roadways and highways over twenty years ago and now it is a rarity.  Most kids wouldn't even know what it is.

It is actually a cassette table that is broken and unwound.  Gone are the days when the music in the car came from the cassette player that played a spool of magnetic tape.  When the tapes would find their way out of the window, they ended up in a tangle mess on the side of the highway as above.  When the tapes got old, they would jam, and I must admit that there were times when I would jettison a non-functioning tape out the window in frustration.

It is ironic that garbage on the side of the road can bring a flood of nostalgia.

And The Bahamas Still Suffers

 (click on pics for larger images)

Murders, mayhem and mass shootings are the latest in the Bahamas.  Turf wars are going on as well.  In the bottom pic, a removal of a dead, shot and burned body is happening.  The cruise lines are so concerned that they have met with the Prime Minister.  If the crime continues, then the cruise ships will no longer feature Nassau as a port of call.

Funny Vintage Animated Gif - Saddam Hussein Hanging

Here is another cat animated gif from my collection.  This made the internet circuit in 2006 and was labeled "Saddam Hussein Hanging".  Macabre but funny.  Cats are always so cute.

Bahamas National Trust Cuban Pig Roast

If you are in Nassau on February 9, 2014, I would urge you to support the Bahamas National Trust by attending their Cuban Pig Roast.  I realize that $200 is an awfully steep admission price, but the Bahamas National Trust does good work to save the environment in the Caribbean.  Thank you.

Golazo! Golasso - Celebrate! Goal!

It's soccer, futebol, fútbol, football, Fußball, Calcio time.  The World Cup is coming.

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