Click 4 Me 2 U app. Keep in touch with the click of a button.

Imagine keeping in touch with someone with the click of a button. This includes people like:
  • Faraway Friends
  • Kids at college
  • Deployed military
  • Elderly parents
  • Sick Relative
  • Lover
  • Long distance Relationship
  • Loved ones travelling to strange countries
Click4Me2U is a simple quick hassle free Android app that provides a way to keep in touch in less than a second. Just a click makes a connection with a reassuring message in return. Easy and simple app makes staying in touch easier than ever before. Peace of mind now comes with a click.

This app was developed after hearing the following:

  • "I will die and rot in my apartment and nobody would know!"
  • "My daughter is away at college and she doesn't answer my text messages. I am worried about her. I wish that I could just know that she is okay."
  • "I'd like to call my lover and let her know that I am thinking about her, but they don't allow personal phone calls at work."
  • "I'd want to keep in touch with my cousin, but I don't know what say in a text or an email."
  • "My mother is elderly, lives far away and doesn't know how to use a computer. I would like to keep in touch with her."
  • "My wife is having a difficult pregnancy, and I want to know that she is okay while I am at work."
  • "My girlfriend is an airline stewardess, and I want to know she is safe when she flies oversees."
  • "We have a long distance relationship, and we can't afford the phone calls."
  • "My friends are travelling to a strange country, and I want to know that they are safe."
  • "I am thinking of my BFF and just want to let them know."
  • "My fiancee is deployed in the military and we have trouble staying in touch."
This app was tested and approved by Amazon to work on the following devices:  All Android devices and tablets including Samsung Galaxy; Android Smart Watch; Kindle Fire HDX 7 WAN (3rd Gen); Kindle Fire HD 7 (3rd Gen); Fire HDX 8.9 WiFi (4th Gen); Kindle Fire (1st Gen); 
Kindle Fire (2nd Gen); Fire HD 7 (4th Gen); Kindle Fire HD 7 (2nd Gen)
Fire HDX 8.9 WAN (4th Gen); Kindle Fire HD 8.9 WAN (2nd Gen); Fire HD 6 (4th Gen); Kindle Fire HDX 7 WiFi (3rd Gen); Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Wifi (2nd Gen); Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 WAN (3rd Gen); Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 WiFi (3rd Gen) and Fire phone.

An iOS for Apple is in development.  This app is brand new, and expected to be an easy way to keep in touch, even for people who are not computer literate and cannot send an email or a text.  All that they have to do is click a button.

What could be simpler than clicking a big red button on a screen once a day, once an hour, or once in awhile to let someone know that you are okay, or that you are thinking of them? It is that simple with this app. Open the app on a Kindle, an Android device, phone, smart watch or tablet, and letting someone know that you are okay is just a click away. The only effort to touch someone, is to touch a screen.

A woman gave this app to her estranged father, and it brought them closer together. The simple communication of a click transcends many words.

In this brave new world, just a little click sends and returns a lot of caring thoughts.

Celebrities Who Are The Same Age

It's hard to believe that Kate Upton and Selena Gomez are the same age.  Kate Upton definitely looks more mature, even though Selena Gomez was dirtied up by Justin Bieber. (oooooh can't erase that mental image -- gross!).

1979 Clip Art, Kentucky Fried Chicken Ad & Community

 click on pics for larger image

Here are a couple of more pieces of 1979 clipart that I salvaged from an old newspaper.  The old KFC ad really brings back memories.  Those were the days when a KFC leg and breast were huge and a meal unto themselves.  These days, the KFC chickens are the size of robins, and you would need an 8-legged hen to get as much meat as a two-piece dinner in 1979.  Plus you got a piece what they called "Grecian Bread" that was a doughy white thing slathered with "butter" or some sort of oleo.  It tasted wonderful!  Those were the good old days when nothing was bad for you, even smoking.

Product Review - Hipster MP3 Player

The main switch on my iPod Nano 6th generation went (due to a fault glue job on behalf of Apple, I might add) and I saw this Hipster player in WalMart for around $23 bucks.  The old adage in this case works -- "You get what you pay for.".

First of all, it was difficult to learn how to use.  You need a lot of button clicks to where you want to go. To get it to work in the first place, I had to watch the movie that comes on a mini cd in the packaging. The manual was of no help.

Less than three weeks later, I plug it in to recharge (doesn't last very long -- battery life of say 3 hours max), and when I unplugged it, there was a huge yellow streak across the screen. The screen is now divided and cannot be read.  I didn't drop it or anything.  It just appeared.

It still played music for a few days, and now it just plays the first few seconds of a song and skips to the next one.  Piece of crap.  I don't have the packaging to get a refund.

The Sorry State of Human Trafficking and The Haitian Refugees

 (click on pics for larger image)

Haiti is a failed state.  The poverty there is grinding.  To escape it, people pay human traffickers all of the money they have to squeeze on an overcrowded boat with just the clothes on their back.  They are promised perhaps a landing in the US, but more than likely, they end up in the Bahamas.  Some find work illegally and send money home.  Others are thrown out to sea by unscrupulous human traffickers and several tens of people die by drowning.  Others are intercepted by authorities and get sent back, poorer for the experience.  This is the face of human misery and human trafficking.

Why doesn't the Law of Attraction work for me?

Millions of dollars have been made on the Law of Attraction.  It all started with "Think and Grow Rich" and continued to this day with "The Secret" and thousands of others of purveyors of hope.  However, it is a proven fact that most people who try the Law of Attraction fail at it.

When I read about why these purveyors of merchandising say that it fails (while it fills their bank accounts) is because the practitioner is at fault.  Many claim that you are sending the universe mixed messages.  You still have a lot of negativity in your brain, and your poor old negative brain is preventing you from the riches magically appearing on your door.  One blogger even likened it to a symphony orchestra and 99 percent of the instruments aren't playing the music, but making noise.

So, I have seen the most logical, common-sense treatment of the Law of Attraction ever.  It is the non-Santa-Claus version.  In most books, they tell you that you put out your request to the Universe, and the riches come, like some cargo cult.   This book is the most logical, no-BS, truthful exposition of the Law of Attraction.  It is called "The Last Secret of the Law of Attraction" and it is available on Amazon.

In the book,  it tells you that getting rich is hard to do, unless you have the know-how.  It give you the plans and tools to get on the road to a more abundant life.  You owe it to give this book a read over.  It may change your life.

You can get it on Amazon:

What happens in a collision between a Suzuki mini truck and a Mac dump Truck

(click on picture for larger image)

This is what happens when a Mac dump truck collides with a Suzuki mini truck.  The accident happened on Long Island in the Bahamas.  The driver did not survive the crash.

Oil Spill In The Bahamas

This isn't good.  Oil covered the beaches of the southwest portion of New Providence where Nassau is in the Bahamas.  Authorities still don't know the source of the contamination, however it is near the port where tankers unload Bunker C Crude Oil that is used in the Clifton Generating Plant that generates electricity for the entire island.

At the time of this writing, concerned citizens started cleaning up some of the oil, and some of it has been taken out the tide.  The good news is that tourists rarely make it to that part of the island, and the bad news is that oil was spilled into the ocean.  That area is near the traditional spawning grounds of the mutton snapper.

Child in Uganda Born With 8 Limbs

This child born in Uganda, had a parasitic twin embedded in its body.  Hence, it had four arms, and four legs.  Surgery was done on the child to remove the extra limbs and reportedly the child is doing well.

Celebrities Who Are The Same Age - Madonna and Jamie Lee Curtis

On the left is Madonna and on the right is Jamie Lee Curtis.  They are both the same age.  It's nice to see that Jamie Lee Curtis is aging naturally and hasn't undergone plastic surgery.  I saw some pics of Joan Rivers just before she died a couple of days ago, and the plastic surgery on her face was wild.  She didn't even look like the old Joan Rivers any longer.

Of course in this pic, Madonna is wearing a ton of makeup.  I have seen pics where she looks a lot older. However if one were to guess, one would guess that Jamie Lee is older by several years.

A Cake for all you single, teen mothers

Here is a celebratory cake for your upcoming baby, if you are a teen and pregnant.  This would go over well in the Bahamas where the Ministry of Social Services estimates that 75% of the households in the Bahamas consists of a single mother with multiple children by different fathers.  Their first child was born when they were just teens.

Happy happy happy.

Huge Mushroom Found Growing in the Woods

(click on picture to enlarge)

This huge mushroom was found growing on a dead tree.  The top is over 16 inches in diameter.  It was so big, that it was almost a magic mushroom.  I was wondering if I would hallucinate if I tried a piece of it.

I suspect that it is edible.  It had a wonderful food mushroom aroma and it was quite delicate.  If you know what this mushroom is and if it is edible, please leave a comment.

Product Review : Crystal Light Liquid Drink Mix ~ Peach Vacation

I was going on a camping trip and had an aluminum water bottle. I thought that it would be a treat to have some flavored drinks.  The current rage is the squeezable, sugar-free flavors.  The package looked appealing and peach is one of my favorite flavors.  I even like the fake peach drink that you get at some fast food and concession joints.

Well, let me tell you, this "Peach Vacation" is a major fail.  It tastes like crap.  I thought that perhaps that I put in too little, so I gave it an extra squeeze and all it did was make taste even more like crap.  I tried less of the stuff, and it tasted like Hint of Crap.  There is nothing that can make this taste good.

This is a huge disappointment because I was an early adopter of Crystal Light, and generally I like their stuff.  However this Peach Vacation tastes like the peaches went on a vacation through the intestines of a monkey and once out of the monkey bum hole, sat in the sun for a few days.


On the lighter side ... another ghetto wedding pic

An avid reader and fan of Cosmological Cabbage passed this ghetto wedding pic to me.  It is priceless.  You have all of the elements - a trailer park, a pregnant bride, smoking, beer cans, the pit bull, toothless redneck, a mullet, torn jeans -- priceless!

More Pics of Haitian Misery

 (click on above photograph for larger image)

Ironically, note the rainbow in the right of picture below.
 (click on pictures for larger image)

More pictures of Haitian misery.  These Haitians were intercepted off Ragged Island in the Bahamas, aboard a dangerously overcrowded home-made sloop trying to escape Haiti.  Even though they land in the Bahamas, their ultimate goal is the United States.

Here they are waiting to get shipped back to Haiti.  The refugee and human misery problem is closer to our door than you think.

More 1979 Clipart

Here is some more 1979 clip art that I salvage and harvested from a newspaper:

There seems to be a real appetite for this stuff.  I rather like it myself.  Enjoy.

Crime Situation in The Bahamas ~ Prime Minister's Press Secretary Shot Dead

This is the victim.

OK, the crime situation in the Bahamas is getting scarier and scarier.  Not only are tourists raped and robbed, but there is virtually a killing every other night.  Nobody is sacrosanct.  The government is powerless to stop it because they are ineffectual in governance.

From the Tribune Newspaper in Nassau today:

There are reports that Latore Mackey, the prime minister's press secretary at Bahamas Information Services (BIS), was shot dead at around 5am on Market Street.
Mr Mackey was deputy director at BIS. He was reportedly shot multiple times while in his government vehicle.
More news as it comes in.

A Field of Beautiful White Wild Flowers

(click on pic for larger image)

You often read about it in books, or you see it in the movies, but rarely do you find a field full of beautiful wild flowers.  I found just such a field, and the extent of the flowers was amazing.  They grew everywhere like a carpet of blossoms.

Interspersed among the white blossoms were a few yellow buttercups. Click on the pic to get a full view of the field.

Hilarious Review for Veet For Men Hair Removal Gel Cream

I found a review of this product on Amazon.  It is hilarious:

4,564 of 4,673 people found the following review helpful

A warning from across the pond...

By A. Chappell on July 3, 2012

After having been told my danglies looked like an elderly rastafarian I decided to take the plunge and buy some of this as previous shaving attempts had only been mildly succesful and I nearly put my back out trying to reach the more difficult bits. Being a bit of a romantic I thought I would do the deed on the missus's birthday as a bit of a treat.

I ordered it well in advance and working in the North sea I considerd myself a bit above some of the characters writing the previous reviews and wrote them off as soft office types...oh my fellow sufferers how wrong I was. I waited until the other half was tucked up in bed and after giving some vague hints about a special surprise I went down to the bathroom. Initially all went well and I applied the gel and stood waiting for something to happen.

I didn't have long to wait. At first there was a gentle warmth which in a matter of seconds was replaced by an intense burning and a feeling I can only describe as like being given a barbed wire wedgie by two people intent on hitting the ceiling with my head. Religion hadn't featured much in my life until that night but I suddenly became willing to convert to any religion to stop the violent burning around the turd tunnel and what seemed like the destruction of the meat and two veg. Struggling to not bite through my bottom lip I tried to wash the gel of in the sink and only succeeded in blocking the plughole with a mat of hair. Through the haze of tears I struggled out of the bathroom across the hall into the kitchen by this time walking was not really possible and I crawled the final yard to the fridge in the hope of some form of cold relief. I yanked the freezer drawer out and found a tub of ice cream, tore the lid of and positioned it under me.

The relief was fantastic but only temporary as it melted fairly quickly and the fiery stabbing soon returned .Due to the shape of the ice cream tub I hadn't managed to give the starfish any treatment and I groped around in the drawer for something else as I was sure my vision was going to fail fairly soon.I grabbed a bag of what I later found out was frozen sprouts and tore it open trying to be quiet as I did so.I took a handful of them and tried in vain to clench some between the cheeks of my arse. This was not doing the trick as some of the gel had found it's way up the chutney channel and it felt like the space shuttle was running it's engines behind me. This was probably and hopefully the only time in my life I was going to wish there was a gay snowman in the kitchen which should give you some idea of the depths I was willing to sink to in order to ease the pain.

The only solution my pain crazed mind could come up with was to gently ease one of the sprouts where no veg had gone before. unfortunately, alerted by the strange grunts coming from the kitchen the other half chose that moment to come and investigate and was greeted by the sight of me, arse in the air, strawberry ice cream dripping from my bell end pushing a sprout up my arse while muttering..." Ooooh that feels good ". Understandably this was a shock to her and she let out a scream and as I hadn't heard her come in it caused an involutary spasm of shock in myself which resulted in the sprout being ejected at quite some speed in her direction. I can understand that having a sprout farted against your leg at 11 at night in the kitchen probably wasn't the special surprise she was expecting and having to explain to the kids the next day what the strange hollow in the ice cream was didn't improve my status...So to sum it up Veet removes hair, dignity and self respect...:)

The Outflow of Haitians Is Still Staggering

(click on picture for larger image)

Haiti is a failed state.  There are virtually no opportunities for work. Many of them try to escape.  The Haitians build sloops and sailing boats from scrap.  The sails are old fabrics, bed sheets, old fabric signs -- virtually anything that they can get their hands on.

The Haitian sloops used to be in great numbers in Nassau Harbour, trading mangoes and other foodstuffs for cold hard cash.  They aren't there any longer, because the Royal Bahamas Defence Force stops them.

There are many illegal Haitians in Nassau.  The Haitian population is around 70,000 people in a country with a population of 330,000.  Illegals are desirable for employment in Nassau, because they have an excellent work ethic, unlike the Bahamians who are lazy and won't do low-level jobs.  The Haitian workers also send most of their money home.

Haitians are hated and discriminated against in the Bahamas by the general population.  Populist governments make great shows of rounding up the illegals.   However they still keep coming because Bahamians keep hiring them for their work ethic and cheap wages. I have often heard in the street "Deport the Illegals, but not my Haitian"!  One of the most derogatory terms that a Bahamian can call anyone is a "Hyshun", which is how they pronounce it in the local dialect.

Most Haitians would rather end up in the US than in the Bahamas.  The US is only 100 and some miles from Florida, however the waters are heavily patrolled.  Human trafficking is a huge problem.  Many Haitians regularly die in mass drownings in the Bahamas.  This happens from overcrowded boats or in some cases, human traffickers dump the refugees overboard when the authorities come near.

Just in the past two weeks there have been two boats intercepted in Bahamian waters.  One had over a hundred people crammed on it, and another had 200.  With just a bit of weather, there would have been a mass drowning and human tragedy.   Pictured above is one of the boats, being towed by Royal Bahamas Defence Force this week.


Strange Light On Mars -- Perhaps Aliens?

 Click on pictures for larger image

Definitely weird things are happening on Mars.  Take a look at the above pic snapped by the rover on Mars.  In the upper left you will see a glint of light.  Click on the pic to expand it, and you will see the glint (in a better light -- ha!).

I blew up the glint in the lower photo.  NASA says that it is probably light glinting off a rock or a cosmic ray. First of all, there are two arguments against light glinting off a rock.  First, it is dusk.  If there were any rocks that could make light glint of them, we would see more glints.  Secondly, the area is in a shadow.

As for the cosmic ray, the theory is that a cosmic ray hits a particle, disintegrates it, and a flash of light is given off.  This is how they capture neutrinos.  However, they have to do that in a deep mine in total darkness, just to get a faint glimmer.  There isn't enough energy to get a big flash.  Here we have enough ambient light to take a photograph, and we get a huge burst of light.  I doubt that it is a cosmic ray.

So what is it?  Is it aliens? Is it a fake photograph and an inadvertent flash from the Hollywood set is making the light? Is it another Mars rover from another galaxy?  Who knows?  What I do know is that I am not not buying the official story.

1979 Clip Art

I harvested some 1979 newspaper clipart.  The first one is a beauty salon clip art.  The next four are automotive and the last one is a newspaper one, urging kids to sign up as carriers.

This is a real blast from the past for those who lived through that era.

Another Plane Crash Yesterday in the Bahamas

 (click on upper pic for larger image)

This is becoming all too common in the Bahamas -- private planes crashing and killing pilots and passengers.  This is the latest.  This plane, a Cessna 340 took off from Ormond Beach Municipal Airport near Daytona Beach, Florida headed for Freeport in the Bahamas.  It crashed 5 miles from the airport into the shallow ocean.  If you have ever flown from Freeport, as I have, you will notice that water sometimes comes right to the edge of the airport.  However it is very very shallow for miles.

Four people and the pilot were killed.  They were headed for Islands Seas Resort in Freeport.

Update: Thanks to the reader who pointed out that it was four people including the pilot that were killed.  The passengers were investors and corporate officers in the resort.

Body Painting On the Streets of New York

(click on pic for larger image)

This is an example of the strange and different stuff that you can see in New York City on almost a daily basis.  These performance artists had their bodies painted.  When viewed together, they make the pic of a lion.  The human condition is fascinating.

Funny Cop Picture

(click on pic for larger image)

The prisoner is a murderer.  He has just been sentenced to life in the courts at Bank Lane in Nassau.  The cop accompanying the prisoner looks like a Keystone Cop. Look at his chin stap holding on his pith helmet.  These cops really dress up.  One would think that it would be quite unpleasant wearing that uniform day in and day out.  Maybe North American cops should dress the same way.  The chinstrap would prevent the donuts from being eaten easily.

Plane Skids Off The Runway In Nassau Yesterday

This plane carrying four passengers and pilot left Venezuela yesterday.  They started experiencing hydraulic problems over the Bahamas, about 300 miles north of Acklins.  The plane diverted to the airport in Nassau and skidded off the runway.  There were no major injuries reported.

So true, so true

This is an old coaster that came off the WeblogBahamas blog.  It is a vintage drink coaster that happens to be true.

The Bahamas has a very shady reputation.

Celebrities The Same Age - 1

It's hard to believe that Megan Fox (left) and Lindsay Lohan are the same age.  The life abuse really shows on Lindsay Lohan's face. She looks ten or fifteen years older.

For Girls and Women With No Self Esteem - A Picture About Body Image

Here is a photo for women and girls with low self esteem, how to express yourself about your body image when you are with friends.  This is a public service announcement.

Dead Laugh, Grave Humor, The Last Laugh at Ha Ha Cemetery

(click on pic for larger image)

This is no joke.  It is grave humor.  The name of the cemetery is Ha Ha Cemetery.  It is in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.  It is a pioneer cemetery and the name is thought to be not from laughing but from an Indian phrase or word.

Wife of Drug Runner is Now Governor General

There is no hope for the Bahamas.  The first Prime Minister after Independence was Lynden Oscar Pindling.  There was even a question as to whether he was born in the Bahamas, or born in Jamaica.  One thing is certain.  He was on the take.  He sold his country to the Columbian cocaine cartels, and they used Norman's Cay, a small island off Nassau as a transshipment point for cocaine going into the US.  Pindling made a fortune by collecting protection money.

Pindling was a member of the PLP party.  I won't even spell out what it means, because it is the height of hypocrisy. Now the PLP under Perry Christie who said that he would swim in vomit for the PLP party is trying to restore the tainted image of his party and Pindling.  He named the airport in Nassau after Pindling, which is ironic because it was by air that cocaine was shipped to the US.  The Drug-Runner-In-Chief died and now they made his wife the Governor General.  She is the one wearing the lampshade in the above picture.

She is also a tax deadbeat.  She owed 14 years of taxes on her multi-million dollar home, and the bill was magically erased when that fact came to light.

I fear that the moral compass of the Bahamas is not functioning at all.  What the PLP doesn't realize, is that one cannot re-write history, and the truth cannot be redacted.  History will judge them sharply, and the country is now suffering because of the endemic corruption.

Stories From The Bahamas

I just came across this book of stories from the Bahamas.  It is a gem.  The introduction explains a lot about Bahamian culture, and the stories are striking examples of life in Nassau today.

This is what the blurb reads:

Life can sometimes be funny in Margaritaville. The quirks and twist and turns of daily living under the tropical sun are universal to everyone. The protagonist in all of these stories is a joneser. A joneser is a lovable rogue almost like Cosmo Kramer of Seinfeld fame. He usually has no visible means of support. At times he is a lover, a super-hero, a sport and a drunk. He is not unacquainted with the inside of a jail. But he has the milk of human kindness flowing in him that exemplifies that universal and most valuable of all things -- hope for a better tomorrow. 

These stories were inspired by an islander who lost such hope, and yet in dying gave us some heartwarming examples of how life always offers the unexpected. Stories are illustrated.

I highly recommend this book.

You can get the book here: