Hilarious pic of cat boxing

This pic of a cat watching boxing and following the action is hilarious!  I nearly split my sides laughing when I first saw this.  Enjoy.

Iron Maiden's Steve Harris gets robbed in the Bahamas

Steve Harris, the bassist and lead songwriter for iconic British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, was the victim of an armed robbery in the Bahamas.

Harris owns a house on Cable Beach in Nassau.  There was a home invasion by three armed robbers and an elderly site caretaker was brutalized and more than $8,000 worth of goods and electronics were stolen.  The robbers assaulted the caretaker, put a knife on his throat, and left him in a pool of blood wrapped in duct tape.

Santa Rides a Boat in the Bahamas

(click for larger image)

In the warm, sunny Bahamas, Santa still comes, but he leaves his reindeer and sleigh behind.  He rides a boat among the 700 islands in the Bahamas archipelago.  Merry Christmas to one and all.

Is The Bahamas Safe? Video of Gunmen Who Robbed the Deputy Prime Minister

Actual Video of the Robbers

The Prime Minister of the Bahamas is away attending the funeral for Nelson Mandela in South Africa. The Deputy Prime Minister is Phillip Davis.  This morning, armed robbers broke into his house and robbed the Deputy Prime Minister and his wife at gun point.  Here is the video of the robbers.  

Amazing in many ways, especially the security lapse.  It also shows that crime is out of control in the Bahamas.

Amazing Dog Take Down of a Shooter

This is an amazing animated gif of a police dog taking down a shooter that is firing at the police.  The agility of the dog is phenomenal, and probably saved this guy's life, even if it didn't deserve to be saved.

UFO Over Bahamas is actually a rocket launch

A UFO seen over the skies of the Bahamas yesterday was actually a rocket launch from Florida.  A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Tuesday, carrying a 7,000-pound satellite.  The SES-8 satellite aboard the spacecraft will be used in conjunction with another communications systems to increase bandwidth capacity in Asia and provide expansion of services such as maritime communications.

An Unhappy Place Called The Bahamas

The Bahamas is becoming seriously an unhappy place.  This is a sampling of the news photographs in the past week.

31 Haitians drowned in a human trafficking and smuggling operation in the Bahamas.  They drowned when the sloop capsized.  The airplane that the Bahamas Defense Force uses was not operational, so the people clung to the boat for a day.  The survivors were eventually rescued a day later by the US Coast Guard.

Family members were killed including children in an arson on a family house.  Here the grieving relatives gather.

A hand grenade was tossed through the window of the doorway of a tabloid newspaper called The Punch.  It was detonated by police.

A young man's body lays in the street.  He is shot through the head.  The population of Nassau is 270,000 and they have had over a hundred murders this year, making the per capita murder rate at one of the highest in the world, in the top ten.

Crime is out of control in the Bahamas.  The police were put on 12 hour shifts to try and staunch the murder rate with no effect.  Here a shooting victim being removed from a scene where 8 people were shot in one evening.