Sandra Bullock - Plastic Surgery Horror ? Turning into Michael Jackson?

Sandra Bullock is America's sweetheart.  We all felt bad when Jesse James did her wrong.  She is as cute as a truckload of baby ducks.  She recently appeared on TV to promote her new movie, an astronaut film called Gravity.  I was shocked !!!!   Talk about Plastic Surgery Gone Bad.  Here is the progression.

This is the Sandra Bullock that we loved.  Cute.

Then she aged gracefully and lost a bit of weight.  Beautiful and still very cute.

And now this !!!  WTF??? Plastic Surgery gone bad.  Lips pumped up, face stretched.  

My Gawd, she is starting to look like a cartoon of Sandra Bullock.

Remind you of someone?

Sandra Bullock is becoming Michael Jacksonized!

What a shame.  When she dies, they will have to put her in the recycle bin instead of a casket with all of the work that she has had done.  It looks bad and fake.  Judge for yourself.

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