Oxymoron - Saudi Women's Health Center

Some journalist dude named Simon followed me on Twitter.  I was intrigued because he was British and yet he was writing in Arabic script.  I try to be discerning as to who I follow these days on Twitter.  I don't follow rap stars, marketers who tell me how I can get rich in a few days, or Tea Party Conservative Crazies.  So when I clicked a link on this Simon dude's tweets, the first thing that comes up, is some Saudi Prince opening a women's health center in in some metaphoric cave in Al Backwardsville, Saudi Arabia.

Those women aren't dressed ready to do surgery.  Nor are they allowed to drive to the women's health center. And what about being accompanied in public by a male relative.  Nope, I gotta say that the biggest oxymoron is Saudi Women's Health.

And after a couple of days, I didn't follow the Simon dude, and he withdrew from following me.  His loss.

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