More Animal Cruelty To Horses In The Bahamas

(click for larger image)

I don't know what it is about Bahamians, but there seems to be a cultural view that animals don't deserve respect and there is a huge indifference to animal suffering.

In the past, I have profiled cases where the horse drawn carriage rides (known as surreys in the Bahamas) are a focal point for how Bahamians treat animals.  These horses are starved, beaten, and forced to pull carriages through exhaust fumes in the middle of the tropical noon heat.  They are just a means to making money for their owners, without regards to the suffering of the animals.

You will see these attitudes with other animals as well.  Scroll down a couple of entries and you will see a sad pictures of dolphins in a tight wire enclosure.  If you drive the streets of Nassau, you will see wild dogs (potcakes) roaming the streets and dead ones hit by traffic, flattened to a pancake and covered with buzzing flies and maggot by the side of the road.

Yesterday a car hit a horse. The horse is pictured above.  It is injured.  The owner did not even remove the equipment, but put it back in line at the cruise ship port to work the horse again.  Notice how emaciated the horse is.  You can see his ribs showing.

If you are on a cruise ship and it comes to the Bahamas, please for the sake of the horses, do not buy a carriage ride.  There is really nothing to see, and you will be contributing to a horrible situation in the Bahamas.  Thank you.

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