How They Photoshopped George Clooney

(click for larger image)

Nothing is real or as it seems any more.  Especially when it comes to the celebrity world.  We have seen celebrities without makeup that you would not recognize in the streets.  And when it comes to publicity pics, well photoshop is a celebrities best friend.  Look what they did to the photo of George Clooney.

First they blackened his hair and took out the gray. Then they smoothed out his wrinkles.  Notice the right ear.  As men grow older their ears do not stop growing.  Old men have flappy elephant ears.  They shortened George's left year to make a younger man, but they didn't do it to his right ear (on your left).  This is a photoshop fail.

The last thing that they did was sharpen the pic (young people have sharper definition in facial images). Notice how his beard is more prominent.  They also increased the red saturation of the photo to give him a healthy young glow, and increased the contrast of the pic to give it a vibrancy.

The above recipe is how you make someone look younger with photoshop.  However it is pure fakery.

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