Getting Flesh Eating Disease From Swimming in the Bahamas

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Take a look at this.  A tourist went swimming in brackish water in the Bahamas and came down with a case of flesh eating disease.  The disease is caused by a bacteria known as Vibrio vulnificus.  Reports say that between 10 and 13 people have already died in Florida from the disease.  The Bahamas is about a hundred miles off Miami Florida.  There are three suspected cases of this in the Bahamas, but the government is keeping it a secret because they do not want to scare the tourists away.  Tourism is 75% of the economy in the Bahamas.

This particular bacteria can be fought off by healthy people with intact immune systems.  However, if your immune system is low at all, it is fatal about 50% of the time.  You can get this by swimming in warm salty water with an open wound, or eating sea food infected with this bacteria.  There goes me eating conch salads which is the raw rubbery meat of the conch that is raw but immersed in citrus.

Vibrio vulnificus bacteria is related to the microbes that cause cholera.  This bacteria is “halophilic” because it requires salt to live.

Swimming on the beach should be okay if there are waves, but to be safe, don't swim with an open wound in turgid water.

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