B1 Lancer Bomber Re-Purposing to Fight Pirates

The Rockwell B1 Lancer Bomber

A Smart Bomb before hitting the target.

Killing flies with a sledge hammer.

So what do you do for fun, if you are the American Air Force and you have an inventory of Rockwell B1 Lancer bombers that you don't know what to do with?  You re-purpose them to fight piracy on the seas.

As this series of photos show, the smart bombs are extremely good at blowing up things, including small motor boats.  The irony is that the boat costs maybe a few thousand dollars and the cost of the smart bomb is about a million dollars a shot when you take everything into account.

Sounds reasonable to me for the amount of fun and satisfaction that you get out of seeing things blown to smithereens, including bad guys.  I'd like to see them try it on Somali pirates.

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