Peter Nygard Stem Cell Injections in the Bahamas

This is fashion mogul Peter Nygard at a news conference in the Bahamas.  He is looking long in the tooth.  He is starting a stem cell treatment center in the Bahamas.  Word is that he allegedly injects himself with stem cells as a youth tonic.  If he does, I don't think that it is working.

The Weather In Nassau Today

As a courtesy and convenience, I thought that I would provide you with a picture of the weather in Nassau, the Bahamas today.  You are welcome!

One & Only Ocean Club Fire

Most people would know the One & Only Ocean Club from its appearance in the James Bond film Casino Royale.  It is quite an exotic place to be except if you live next door to it. (Every once and awhile, and on no particular schedule, they have Big Bang fireworks.  Several tens of thousands of dollars of major fireworks get blown off.

Well last night, a $16,000 fireworks show lit the roof on fire.  It burned for about ten minutes before it was noticed, and it was quickly extinguished.  It was a bit of excitement for the guests.  We used to feed some feral cats and the kitties really hated the fireworks.

Poor Allison Janney's Failed Plastic Surgery

I have been a fan of Allison Janney for a long time.  I liked her on West Wing.  She was perfect in the movie "The Way Way Back".  I thought that she was sexy and gorgeous.  Look at her in the above pic.

Then came the plastic surgery.  OMG !! It is almost as bad as Sandra Bullock's plastic surgery.  Sandra Bullock's face is so skewed, that it is starting to resemble Michael Jackson.  Allison Janney's plastic surgery is not that bad, but it has changed a familiar face.  Take a look below.

It's too bad.  She was older beautiful, now she is younger ugly.  A typical tale of Plastic Surgery Gone Bad.

Hottest New Eye Makeup Style

I have a daughter who is a model, and consequently I am aware of the hottest trends in eye make-up.  This is celebrity Mara Rooney and she is sporting the latest look in eye makeup.  I think that it is a great effect and it works well with her.

More Animal Cruelty To Horses In The Bahamas

(click for larger image)

I don't know what it is about Bahamians, but there seems to be a cultural view that animals don't deserve respect and there is a huge indifference to animal suffering.

In the past, I have profiled cases where the horse drawn carriage rides (known as surreys in the Bahamas) are a focal point for how Bahamians treat animals.  These horses are starved, beaten, and forced to pull carriages through exhaust fumes in the middle of the tropical noon heat.  They are just a means to making money for their owners, without regards to the suffering of the animals.

You will see these attitudes with other animals as well.  Scroll down a couple of entries and you will see a sad pictures of dolphins in a tight wire enclosure.  If you drive the streets of Nassau, you will see wild dogs (potcakes) roaming the streets and dead ones hit by traffic, flattened to a pancake and covered with buzzing flies and maggot by the side of the road.

Yesterday a car hit a horse. The horse is pictured above.  It is injured.  The owner did not even remove the equipment, but put it back in line at the cruise ship port to work the horse again.  Notice how emaciated the horse is.  You can see his ribs showing.

If you are on a cruise ship and it comes to the Bahamas, please for the sake of the horses, do not buy a carriage ride.  There is really nothing to see, and you will be contributing to a horrible situation in the Bahamas.  Thank you.

Crazy Partridge Photobombs A Forest Shot

This amazing footage shows a crazy partridge walking around, pooping and totally unafraid of the camera and the person.  The partridge followed the camera around and photobombed an emerald forest shot.  Weird, wild and wonderful footage.

How They Photoshopped George Clooney

(click for larger image)

Nothing is real or as it seems any more.  Especially when it comes to the celebrity world.  We have seen celebrities without makeup that you would not recognize in the streets.  And when it comes to publicity pics, well photoshop is a celebrities best friend.  Look what they did to the photo of George Clooney.

First they blackened his hair and took out the gray. Then they smoothed out his wrinkles.  Notice the right ear.  As men grow older their ears do not stop growing.  Old men have flappy elephant ears.  They shortened George's left year to make a younger man, but they didn't do it to his right ear (on your left).  This is a photoshop fail.

The last thing that they did was sharpen the pic (young people have sharper definition in facial images). Notice how his beard is more prominent.  They also increased the red saturation of the photo to give him a healthy young glow, and increased the contrast of the pic to give it a vibrancy.

The above recipe is how you make someone look younger with photoshop.  However it is pure fakery.

Cruelty To Animals ~ Swimming with Dolphins in the Bahamas

(click to enlarge)

This is a sad and cruel picture.  It is a couple of dolphins, trapped in their enclosure in the Bahamas, all for the purpose of amusing the tourists with the Swim With The Dolphins program.  These dolphins are intelligent human beings and they know that they are caged and unable to swim freely at the speeds that they achieve in the open ocean.

Please don't buy the Swim with the Dolphins attraction. And while you are at it, don't buy those horse-drawn surrey rides.  The animals are not treated properly and you are just contributing to a bad situation.  If you want to really see something neat, take a snorkeling tour.  Thank you.

Massive Google Ad Failure -- Camel Toe and Dissection

This ad started started appearing on my blog.  Talk about a massive ad fail.  Let's examine what we have here.  First of all, we have a female torso with huge breasts.  So we know that sex sells.  Then the huge breasts are covered with latex.  Latex rubber fetish is big, especially with 50 Shades of Grey.  Then we have a latex pink bikini bottom.  It demonstrates a huge camel toe.  Again sex.  But then we have human dissection.  The skin is stripped away showing the muscles.  And what is this about -- which veggies burn fat!  Diet.

So the question that begs the answer, is that by following the ad and eating the veggies, do you lose the fat AND the skin?  Do you get big boobs?  Do you have to wear latex and show the camel toe for this to work?

I think that this ad is a total fail.  Too many memes and it only appeals to real sick puppies.

Weather Service Begs for Pay During Government Shut Down

I thought that this was a brilliant stroke.  Above  is an official US Weather Service Notice for Alaska.  These folks were not paid during the government shutdown.

This is a normal-looking report.  However look at the first letter of every line.  Vertically from the top, it reads "PLEASE PAY US".  Brilliant.

Getting Flesh Eating Disease From Swimming in the Bahamas

(click for larger image)

Take a look at this.  A tourist went swimming in brackish water in the Bahamas and came down with a case of flesh eating disease.  The disease is caused by a bacteria known as Vibrio vulnificus.  Reports say that between 10 and 13 people have already died in Florida from the disease.  The Bahamas is about a hundred miles off Miami Florida.  There are three suspected cases of this in the Bahamas, but the government is keeping it a secret because they do not want to scare the tourists away.  Tourism is 75% of the economy in the Bahamas.

This particular bacteria can be fought off by healthy people with intact immune systems.  However, if your immune system is low at all, it is fatal about 50% of the time.  You can get this by swimming in warm salty water with an open wound, or eating sea food infected with this bacteria.  There goes me eating conch salads which is the raw rubbery meat of the conch that is raw but immersed in citrus.

Vibrio vulnificus bacteria is related to the microbes that cause cholera.  This bacteria is “halophilic” because it requires salt to live.

Swimming on the beach should be okay if there are waves, but to be safe, don't swim with an open wound in turgid water.

B1 Lancer Bomber Re-Purposing to Fight Pirates

The Rockwell B1 Lancer Bomber

A Smart Bomb before hitting the target.

Killing flies with a sledge hammer.

So what do you do for fun, if you are the American Air Force and you have an inventory of Rockwell B1 Lancer bombers that you don't know what to do with?  You re-purpose them to fight piracy on the seas.

As this series of photos show, the smart bombs are extremely good at blowing up things, including small motor boats.  The irony is that the boat costs maybe a few thousand dollars and the cost of the smart bomb is about a million dollars a shot when you take everything into account.

Sounds reasonable to me for the amount of fun and satisfaction that you get out of seeing things blown to smithereens, including bad guys.  I'd like to see them try it on Somali pirates.

Oxymoron - Saudi Women's Health Center

Some journalist dude named Simon followed me on Twitter.  I was intrigued because he was British and yet he was writing in Arabic script.  I try to be discerning as to who I follow these days on Twitter.  I don't follow rap stars, marketers who tell me how I can get rich in a few days, or Tea Party Conservative Crazies.  So when I clicked a link on this Simon dude's tweets, the first thing that comes up, is some Saudi Prince opening a women's health center in in some metaphoric cave in Al Backwardsville, Saudi Arabia.

Those women aren't dressed ready to do surgery.  Nor are they allowed to drive to the women's health center. And what about being accompanied in public by a male relative.  Nope, I gotta say that the biggest oxymoron is Saudi Women's Health.

And after a couple of days, I didn't follow the Simon dude, and he withdrew from following me.  His loss.

Sandra Bullock - Plastic Surgery Horror ? Turning into Michael Jackson?

Sandra Bullock is America's sweetheart.  We all felt bad when Jesse James did her wrong.  She is as cute as a truckload of baby ducks.  She recently appeared on TV to promote her new movie, an astronaut film called Gravity.  I was shocked !!!!   Talk about Plastic Surgery Gone Bad.  Here is the progression.

This is the Sandra Bullock that we loved.  Cute.

Then she aged gracefully and lost a bit of weight.  Beautiful and still very cute.

And now this !!!  WTF??? Plastic Surgery gone bad.  Lips pumped up, face stretched.  

My Gawd, she is starting to look like a cartoon of Sandra Bullock.

Remind you of someone?

Sandra Bullock is becoming Michael Jacksonized!

What a shame.  When she dies, they will have to put her in the recycle bin instead of a casket with all of the work that she has had done.  It looks bad and fake.  Judge for yourself.

Vintage Animated Gifs 3 - Finger of God Smiting

Here is another vintage animated gif from my collection.  It is the Hand of God smiting a running figure. Enjoy.

Derek Medina Wife Facebook Pic

My readers think that this is the electica blog of the bizzarre and they send me all sorts of things.  Apparently there was this dude named Derek Medina and he calmly shot his wife, and then posted the pic on Facebook.  Due to the graphic nature of the pic, it is not displayed here, but this is a link to that pic.

If this is the sort of thing that piques your curiosity, fill your boots.

Vintage Animated Gifs 3 - Two Legged Horse

This vintage animated gif is a screamer and a classic.  I still find it funny and can watch it for a long while without getting bored.   I think that the concept is hilarious.  Enjoy.

Joys of Owning a Pet V

 (click for larger image)
  (click for larger image)

This is the fifth and last entry of the cute pet pictures series that was sent to me.  I hope that you enjoyed them.  This is a collection making the email rounds of a collection of pet pictures from the internet.