The (Social) Trouble With Disenfranchised People

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Montague Ramp on Eastern Road in Nassau was a flashpoint.  It started out as a public ramp to launch boats into the ocean.   It was an informal gathering place for poor Bahamian fishermen to sell their wares.  It was an ad hoc fish market.  However, it was dirty, noisy, and a huge eyesore that disrupted traffic.  The government of the day decided to do something about it.  They decided to gentrify it.

They built washrooms, a parking lot and put in pavement and places for the vendors.  Did the vendors appreciate their new digs?  You can tell from the photographs above.

The trouble with most Bahamians, is that they are disenfranchised.  They do not own the hilltops or the seaside of their own land.  The economy is monolithic with tourism as its pillar.  They have low-paying job.  Education in the Bahamas is at a crisis point, and the graduates being turned out are functionally illiterate.  They could not compete in a knowledge based society.  As a result, you have an unraveling of the socio-economic fabric, and these pictures are proof that the people by and large, are disenfranchised, except for the kleptocratic corrupt government.  It is really quite sad.

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