The Frog That Photo-bombed NASA -- Flying Frogs in Space

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This is a photo of a NASA rocket launch.  Look in the clouds in the upper left of the pic.  Click on pic for a larger image.  You will see a frog blasted into the sky.  NASA speculated that the frog found a pool of water on the launch pad.  The launch pad is flooded with water prior to launch to cool the concrete down in anticipation of the heat from the rocket engines.  One minute the frog was lounging in the pool, not a care in the world, and the next minute he was airborne -- a flying frog in space.

NASA also speculates that it did not end well for the frog.

Vintage Animate Gifs 2

It's kind of weird that when you talk about vintage in terms of the internet, you are talking late 1990's or just at the turn of the millennium.  Here is another vintage animated gif from my collection.

The Joys of Owning a Pet IV

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This is the fourth episode and the next to last episode of a collection of pet pictures.  Enjoy.

Vintage Animated Gifs 1

I have collected vintage animated gifs from the early age of the internet.  Here is a classic -- the ASCII art man walking composed entirely of keyboard characters.

Pope Francis Caught Giving Masonic Handshake

Pope Francis is saying a lot of controversial things.  He is tolerant of gays.  He is tolerant of atheists.  He is tolerant of a lot of things.  But is he tolerant of Freemasons?  Is he a Freemason?  Take a look at this photo.  He is caught in this photo, giving a very distinct Freemason handshake.  There was a scandal of the Freemasons infiltrating the Vatican in the 1970's.  This photograph could be disturbing to a lot of people.

The Joys of Owning a Pet III

This is the third in the series of cute pet pictures that a friend sent to me.  This compilation includes captioned humor pics of dogs and cats.  Be sure to locate the other entries on this blog as well if you like these kinds of things.  Enjoy.

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Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.
Robert A. Heinlein 

The Largest Cash Crop of the Bahamas

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Look at the largest cash crop in the Bahamas.  This field of marijuana was found growing on New Providence Island where Nassau is located.  The amazing thing is that the island is only 18 miles by 7 miles, and the interior has large brackish lakes, and 300,000 people live on the island.  And yet there is enough room to hide a huge field of marijuana.

Unemployment is endemic in the Bahamas and many young people have turned to drugs as a source of income.

Tornado At Bahamas Airport Yesterday

A tornado touched down at the Bahamas airport in Nassau yesterday.  The spout formed over Lake Killarney which is the large, big, brackish lake that you see on the way to the airport, and it swept over the airport grounds.

Damage was minimal and the airport re-opened shortly thereafter.  The funnel was quick to dissipate.  The weather has been hugely unsettled in the Bahamas for days.

Joys of Owning A Pet II

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This is the second part of a series of humorous pet pictures sent to me by a friend.  Enjoy.

Joys of Owning a Pet 1

A friend from France who is a pet owner sent me an email full of cute pictures of pets -- mostly dogs, as she is a dog lover.

So for all of you dog-lovers out there, today's offering is for you.  I would imagine that this is a collection taken from the internet.


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There must be something in the human psyche that provokes such a strong emotional attachment to pets.  They have a strong bond to humans.  Most of the security questions on the internet, have a pet's name for an answer.

The Hypochondriac's Handbook

This is a review of the Hypochondriac's Handbook.

The cover is nice.

It consists mostly of empty pages for notes that you take while going through countless medical reference books and websites.

There are only five words in the book.  They are on the very last page.  They are:


Classic Table Lamp Style

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We were casually strolling through Avignon in southern France, and we came upon an antique shop.  One of the women that was in our group, asked me to photograph this lamp.  She wanted one for her gite (vacation rental property) that she owned.  Her husband was a handy woodworker and could replicate the style without paying antique prices.

This lamp, she explained, has Greek influences along with neo-classic patterns from the Victorian times.  Before she explained all of this, it was just an ordinary lamp.  After the explanation, I really like this style and I thought that I would profile it here for your edification.  And about the song "Sur le pont d'Avignon" -- forget about it.  The bridge in Avignon is severely underwhelming.  It doesn't even go all the way across the river.

Got the blues? Need a drink?

Now this is taking things just a little too literal.  It is a blues bar.  There is no blues music, just blues from the lighting and the blues that the people have -- the reason why they are drinking.  Actually it is a bar in an airport.  Supposedly blue is a calming color that makes them want to stop in, have a drink and calm themselves.  I find it depressing.  An appropriate name for this would be the "Suicide Bar and Grille".

Kim Kardashian -- Tannerite of the Celebrity Field

Kim Kardashian is famous for being famous.  She has nothing going for her.  She is not particularly beautiful.  She is not talented in any way (that I know of -- who knows, she may be an expert at the Venus Butterfly in the bedroom, but that isn't probable).  She had a short marriage.  She hooked up with fellow goofball Kanye West and had a baby called North West.  Kanye himself is a loose cannon that is mostly brainless and never met a Mike that he didn't like.  But mix Kardashian and West, and you have the tannerite of the micro-celebrity field.

What's tannerite?  In case you haven't been following the news, tannerite is that stuff that is taking the shooting world by storm.  It is two inert powders -- ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder.  Mix them together and shoot at it, and it explodes.  If you go to YouTube, you can see everything from watermelons to dump trucks being blown to smithereens by tannerite.

So other than the fact that you have two brainless, no-talent celebs with too much money doing goofball things, why is Kardashian like tannerite?  It is because she has the mark of 666 on her, the famous LST syndrome.  LST or Longer Second Toe is called Morton's Toe, LeMay Toe, Morton's Syndrome, Greek Toe, brachymetatarsia, Metatarsus atavicus, Greek foot, or as the French call it, pied de NĂ©anderthal -- the foot of the Neanderthal.  Scientist say that it is an atavism or a genetic throwback or recursion to our monkey roots, recalling prehuman grasping toes.  Kim Kardashian has monkey toes.

My grandmother, (God bless her soul), knew all of the signs and portents that Nature has.  She was from Bohemia, and learned this ancient wisdom that was handed down.  Some may call it superstitions, but according to her, it was back luck to be superstitious.  It was just fact.  I was told by my grandmother to avoid women with Monkey Toe or LST, because they were crazy bitches.  Hence the tannerite aspect of Kim Kardashian.

I am predicting that the union of West and Kardashian will not survive, because West is plain batshit crazy and Kardashian (according to the LST theory) is a bitch.  So stay tuned, and make some popcorn.  It should be a good show.

The (Social) Trouble With Disenfranchised People

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Montague Ramp on Eastern Road in Nassau was a flashpoint.  It started out as a public ramp to launch boats into the ocean.   It was an informal gathering place for poor Bahamian fishermen to sell their wares.  It was an ad hoc fish market.  However, it was dirty, noisy, and a huge eyesore that disrupted traffic.  The government of the day decided to do something about it.  They decided to gentrify it.

They built washrooms, a parking lot and put in pavement and places for the vendors.  Did the vendors appreciate their new digs?  You can tell from the photographs above.

The trouble with most Bahamians, is that they are disenfranchised.  They do not own the hilltops or the seaside of their own land.  The economy is monolithic with tourism as its pillar.  They have low-paying job.  Education in the Bahamas is at a crisis point, and the graduates being turned out are functionally illiterate.  They could not compete in a knowledge based society.  As a result, you have an unraveling of the socio-economic fabric, and these pictures are proof that the people by and large, are disenfranchised, except for the kleptocratic corrupt government.  It is really quite sad.

Pure Beauty Interlude

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I couldn't believe my eyes.  Two butterflies settled on the mud beside a puddle.  They were content to just be.  I gingerly moved up with my camera and snapped a frame.  They didn't move.  I shot several frames and quietly walked away.  It was a pure beauty interlude.  Enjoy.

Everything that you knew about High Five is wrong

This is the true high five.  Never mind the hand thing and slapping each other.  That high five is not high at all.  This is high.  And this is five.  And this is the genuine article, a real high five.