Torture in the Bahamas

Some Cuban refugees trying to make it to the United States landed in the Bahamas.  They were taken to the detention center.  Five of them escaped.  They were recaptured and tortured by the Royal Bahamas Defense Force marines. They were severely beaten to within an inch of their lives for one person.

The Cuban community in South Florida took up their cause.  The Bahamas Foreign Minister, Fred Mitchell, lied to the press and Florida community about the incident.  He then quietly deported the witnesses back to Cuba so that they could not speak about the atrocities that they suffered in the Bahamas.  The Prime Minister is burying his head in the sand, hoping this will go away.

Think that the Bahamas is a good place to vacation.  Think again.  Human rights abuse is rampant in the island nation.  It is plain wrong, an ethical travesty and a reflection of the moral compass of the Government of the Bahamas.  The man's name pictured above is Yordan Berta Cantero.

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