Stool Sample -- Poop in an Envelope

These days, if you go for a medical checkup and the doctor wants a stool specimen or a stool sample to perform tests, they give you an envelope.  You actually have to put your crap in an envelope.  The instructions are hilarious.  Do not mail your crap.  Who would even think of mailing crap?

When I first saw this envelope, my thought was that it was not big enough.  The second thought that came to mind was that this was going to be a messy affair.  The third thought was that the outside of the envelope was not going to be very pristine after the filling operation.  Then, there was no way that I was going to lick the envelope to close it.  I knew that they were going to test my poop, but I sure as heck wasn't going to do the taste test.

I think that they should give you poop buckets for samples, like the ones that KFC comes in.  They would be easier to fill and you just snap the lid on.

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