North Korean Smartphone -- World Exclusive

The bozos running North Korea say that they have invented a new smartphone.  In the picture above from the North Korean News Agency, the pimply-faced Kim Jung Whatever is examining the phone.  Interestingly enough, analysts say that the pics are staged and there are no pics of any manufacturing -- just inspection of phones in styrofoam containers.  The phones are actually made in China and shipped to North Korea.

A telling point is that the bum boys that follow the dear leader around all have pens and paper and notebooks to capture the words dripping from the greasy jowls of the leader.  That is an indication of the state of technology.  Someone should tell dear leader to lose the Elvis pompadour.

Anyway, in a world exclusive, we bring you an actual photo of the North Korean Smartphone.  It is shown below:

(click for larger image)

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