Is The Bahamas A Safe Travel Destination?

The short answer is no.  The murder rate is atrocious.  Here is a clipping from today's newspaper:

LESS than two months after an attack on a senior US diplomat, another US official was robbed at the beach with his family last weekend.

Yesterday, a US Embassy spokesperson confirmed reports that the employee and his family were visiting a beach in western New Providence when they were robbed by two men.

Embassy spokesperson Neda Brown said: “No weapons were utilised and the family was unharmed. The police are investigating the robbery. We continue to encourage US Embassy personnel and all American Citizens resident or visiting The Bahamas to be consistently cognizant of their surroundings at all times to avoid being a victim of crime.”

It was not confirmed whether or not the employee was a diplomat or an American citizen. Last night, ASP Edward Ferguson said the matter involved a theft from the employee’s car, and for this reason, it was not included in the daily crime report.

Mr Ferguson said officers in the western district were investigating the matter.

In June, 74-year-old Vice Consul Kathleen Cayer was attacked and robbed as she walked to St Francis Xavier Cathedral, a Roman Catholic church on West Hill Street.

As she walked to attend the 11 am mass, a man pushed the vice consul to the ground and stole her purse, cash and jewellery. Ms Cayer suffered minor injuries.

At the time, Acting Charge d’Affaires John Armstrong downplayed the impact that the recent attack on a senior diplomat might have on relations between the US and the Bahamas.

Yesterday, Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell said: “We wish to express publicly our deep regret at this. We again recommit ourselves to fighting the scourge of crime.  This kind of action does great harm to our country and we decry it in the strongest terms.”

To save your life, most shootings take place in the nightclubs after 1:00AM.  Leave early.  Take a cab.  Stay in the tourist areas.  Do not rent a scooter.  Stay at Atlantis or a resort and downtown only. Take water taxis to Paradise Island.  Don't walk about in neighborhoods that you do not know.  Do not go "Over the Hill".  You will be robbed or worse.  The socio-economic fabric of the Bahamas is deteriorating week by week.  Take lots of precautions when visiting.

Here is another clipping from today's newspaper:

A BOSTON couple were on honeymoon in Cable Beach when they were tied up and robbed inside their vacation home.
The pair have hit out at the police investigation into the armed robbery, The Belleville Intelligencer reporting that they claim their police report was riddled with mistakes, including key elements like the date of the robbery.
The pair were sleeping in a private vacation property near Cable Beach when two men broke in. The couple were tied up, with tape covering their eyes and mouths, while thieves took whatever valuables they could find, the Intelligencer reported.

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