Illiteracy in the Bahamas

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You have often heard me rail about illiteracy in the Bahamas.  The Bahamas gained independence in 1973, and the first Prime Minister was Lynden Pindling who was a drug runner.  His government was for sale, and he sold the country to the Columbian cocaine cartels.  He enriched himself immeasurably and the rest of the Bahamas suffered.  One act of his government, was to fire the qualified British teachers and replace them with under-qualified Bahamian teachers.   

As a result, the Queen's English is virtually unknown and a majority of the teachers have a thick Bahamian patois that breaks rules of grammar.  For example, recently one party was ejected from the House of Assembly. They broke out signs saying "Bahamas be for Bahamians".  

Most of the 3,000 or so school-leavers (high school graduates) are illiterate and have no math skills.  The socio-economic fabric of the Bahamas has unraveled.

The latest incarnation of this endemic and systematic illiteracy was in the local newspaper.  In the above picture, you have the current Prime Minister, the deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the widow of the drug-running founding Prime Minister and others.  They are gathered to dedicate a street to an educator named Frank Edgecombe.  There is one problem that all are blithely unaware of.  Take a look at the sign.  The honoree's name is spelled wrong.  The "b" is missing because in the vernacular, it is unsounded in Mr. Edgecombe's name.  No one appears to notice or have shame over the illiteracy.  It is situation normal.

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